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These days, a simple delivery of a speech or verbal presentation of a project is not enough. There is a need to attract the attention of the audience and keep it focused. The most effective way to do it is to visualize the most important data and combine them in a good-looking and slick PowerPoint presentation. Yet, it is an uneasy task to do it skillfully since there is a need to strike a perfect and often fragile condition when the presentation both aptly supports the speech and does not distract from the ideas said. To buy a PowerPoint presentation from a professional writer is one of the best ways to ensure your presentation functions in this exact way.

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Currently, PowerPoint presentations are an inseparable part of the everyday life of students, teachers, and business professionals. The representatives of none of these categories would like to fail because of the lack of time to create the presentation by oneself or due to insufficient knowledge concerning format, required features, and attention-grabbing tools. So, frequently, they use PowerPoint presentation writing service and buy a presentation. If you do not want to fail either, you should choose our company at Just tell us, “Do my PPT,” and we will satisfy all your academic or professional needs.

How to Buy PowerPoint Presentations

It is very easy if you select a writer from as your assistant. In fact, all you need to do is to tell us what you want and need. You should specify a topic, subject, if applicable, some requirements, the number of slides you want, etc. Also, you may choose to provide your own content and ask us to visualize it or purchase a custom PowerPoint presentation that will be written from scratch. Upon the analysis of your requirements, we will assign a writer who is the best fit for your task.

Under any circumstances, it will be a person who is qualified, competent in the topic, has a relevant degree, and possesses an excellent command of English as well as knowledge of formal academic and professional communication. Therefore, if you indeed need to buy a PowerPoint presentation online, you should select us. Our team of experienced writers is capable to meet your expectations and provide you with an attractive and compelling presentation that will impress your audience but will not steal the focus of attention from what you say unless you want to.

Trickery of Creating a PPT on Your Own

To make a presentation that would be efficient and irresistibly interesting, one should have several great content ideas and the mastery of software that is used to create PPTs. The former component is very important and takes an enormous amount of time to come up with. The second element is essential as well since the more one explores the software, the more new features he/she discovers. In other words, without either of these components, it extremely difficult to make a PowerPoint presentation at a short notice or under the pressure of an approaching deadline.

However, it is not a tough task for a professional writer whose skills at researching, composing, drafting, and working with PowerPoint are undisputed. So, to save your own energy and not to waste a short timespan that is available for the completion of the task, buy a professional PowerPoint presentation online.

The PowerPoint Poster Service

What is a PPT Poster?

A PPT Poster can be completed in PowerPoint. It consists of ONE slide only, which is supposed to be extensive. It looks into a few options, including research question, method, discussion, and conclusion. The number of options needed is indicated by the customer only.

If apart from the necessity to purchase custom PowerPoint presentations, the need to order ppt posters arises, we still can help as we are one of few custom writing services that offer this option to its clients. Our writers know the peculiarities of this assignment and are ready to share some PowerPoint presentation tips with those who are still hesitating whether to buy a PowerPoint presentation or a PPT poster or make them by themselves.

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Buy PPT Poster from Experts

If you are supposed to complete a creative and original PPT Poster in agreement with the requirements set and the deadline indicated, but you consider that you will not handle it decently, why not beg for professional assistance, effective support, and detailed guidance from our trustworthy academic writing company.

A typical PPT Poster looks in such a way – a few sections together with, graphs, charts, tables, pictures, etc.

Word count rule: every poster consists of 300 words.

Speaker notes 100 or 150 words only.

Spacing: No

Additional PPT Poster services: Extended Revisions, as well as Speaker Notes

Writer Level: University or College; Master’s or Ph.D. High School is an exception.

Urgency : 12 hours/24 hours/48 hours; 3 days/4 days/5 days/7 days/9 days/11 days. (3 hours / 6 hours / 8 hours are impermissible).

Number of Pages: “1 poster, which consists of 300 words, is equal to 1 page.” 1 page can be equal to 1 poster with 2 or 3 images, charts, or graphs, as well as 300 words. If the customer wants more words or more graphs or charts to be included on the poster, he or she should purchase more pages.

The Price for 1 Page Speaker Notes: is equal to an ordinary 1-page paper.

Below is an original example of a PPT Poster

PowerPoint Presentation Tips that You Need to Remember


The main purpose of the poster is to share the most valuable information about, for example, a project in an efficient manner. To convey the data in such a way, the poster should be clear, concise, and focused on the most interesting data to the maximum extent.

Slide Settings

A poster is only one slide that you should put all your own efforts into. The size of the slide should be set at the very beginning; otherwise, the work might turn out to be vain in the end. The size of the slide should correspond to the preferable size of the poster upon printing. One-inch margins are crucial to ensure no information is cut by a printer.

Design Peculiarities

The text should be properly organized and read from the top to the bottom. The background and the font of the text should have contrasting colors to guarantee readability. The best option is the dark font combined with the light background. Be ready that after printing, the colors might change a bit and become lighter.</>

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It is impossible to create a decent poster without visuals in a form of images and graphs. Therefore, be sure to use them but do it wisely. Do not use pictures with low resolution as they will look terrible on the printed-out poster. Opt for the resolution of 150 DPI and such formats as. GIF and. PNG if you need a transparent background as well. JPEG if the latter is not obligatory. Once inserted in the PowerPoint presentation, the image should not be enlarged. It will ruin its quality. The same concerns graphs that are copied either from the web or from Excel.


The title should preferably be as wide as the poster itself. There should be section headings, and the text should be presented in the form of columns. Do not use any unusual fonts as they might impede the perception of the text. The titles and subheadings should have a large font (48-120pt), and the body text font should be comparatively small (24-48pt). The main piece of advice here is to make sure the formatting is consistent.

So, if you feel the urge to buy a PowerPoint presentation, choose us. We will provide you with an excellent presentation and even a PPT poster that will both contribute to the success of your speech or project.

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