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When you are writing an academic assignment, your main task is to follow the requirements provided by your professor. This is the case for all papers, whether you are working on a comparative essay, an expository essay, or any other kind of academic work. Your professor may want you to locate, describe, and justify the most relevant similarities and differences between facts, phenomena, events, or decisions. You will have to be thorough and consistent in every word that you write.

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Analyze Paper Outline and Improve Your Writing

To begin with, you will need to create a paper introduction. Without an introduction, your professor will not even read your paper. In a perfect essay, an introduction will provide some background information about your topic, inform the reader about the key aspects of your paper, and create a framework for discussions.

In your comparative analysis paper, you will outline what phenomena or events you plan to compare and analyze. This is also what you will do in the introduction. You will also need to include a brief and concise thesis statement at the end of the introduction. Your thesis will have to articulate the main theme of your story.

Example of a good thesis statement: A good thesis statement communicates the author's main thought while leaving some space for debates and analysis.

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Writing Body Paragraphs

Each body paragraph will be tied to the thesis statement. Each paragraph will begin with a topic sentence that is linked to the thesis. The purpose of each body paragraph is to expand upon the thesis and provide rich evidence that supports it. No matter if you are comparing people or events, all body paragraphs must have transitions between them. It means that every paragraph must be linked to the next paragraph, creating a logical argument. Failure to use transitional words and sentences can make it difficult for the reader to understand your words.

Analysis Paper Outline and Conclusion

Your conclusion is the final point of your paper outline and one of the last things that you do when writing your comparative analysis paper. A perfect conclusion summarizes the main argument. It does not include any new information that was not provided in the body of your essay. Your conclusion is just another opportunity to persuade the reader that your thesis statement is valid and powerful. You may include some recommendations for further analysis and research. You may include a call for change. However, make sure that your conclusion fits perfectly in the context of your analysis.

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How to Write a Brilliant Critical Analysis Paper

When working on a critical analysis paper, you will have to develop a strong argument. Your mission is not simply to make comparisons but also to persuade your audience that these comparisons are relevant and deserve their attention. This is why it is so important to use rich evidence to support your claims. Do not make false statements that you cannot prove with evidence. Besides, you will need to evaluate the books or the persons that you are comparing. Be ready to cast a critical eye on everything you write!

Potential Issues

Sometimes, you may find it difficult to criticize something. For example, you will write about one of the bestselling books in the history of humanity, and yet you have to criticize it. However, the whole point of this exercise is not about looking for bad sides. Rather, it is about using your critical thinking and analytical skills to outline your strengths and weaknesses, and even the best book will have both. Do not be afraid of making judgments. Just be sure that you support them with evidence.

Below are just some of the questions that you could potentially ask when doing your critical analysis:

  • Theory: What is the author's professional and theoretical background? What is the main theory that the author uses to write his or her book? What is the author's intellectual commitment? What is the school of thought that the author promotes in his or her book? Can you see that the author is pro-democratic or pro-republican? Does it make a difference in how the author presents the main idea of his or her book?
  • Definitions: Can you see that the author uses some concepts without defining their meaning? Do you see any controversy in how the author uses some of the most typical concepts applied in your professional setting? Do you think that some concepts warrant clearer and more context-based definitions?
  • Evidence: Does the author use sufficient evidence to substantiate his or her claims? Does the author use valid and unquestionable evidence in support of his or her argument? How does it change your perception of the book? Is more clarity needed about evidence?
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