Digital forensic procedure is a forensic and recognized process used in forensic investigations. Forensics researcher Eoghan Casey describes this as a number of ladders originating from the original event alert through the broadcasting of findings and results. The process is mainly utilized in mobile and computer forensic investigation and contains three steps as follows: acquisition, reporting and analysis. The tools being utilized in the collection of data contains write devices, the software write devices and the forensic disc controller.

Write blocker is a device that allows collection of data on a drive minus creating the opportunity of unintentionally harming the drive content. They do this process by permitting read commands to flow but by protecting write commands thus, their name. Forensic disc controllers or hardware write-blocks devices are specialized types of PC hard disc designed for the need of read only admission to a computer hard drive. It does not harm the drive contents (Palmer 2001).

This device has various strengths, for example they can circumvent passwords once accessing data in an individual computer’s hard disc. The point that it allows reading only, it also guarantees that, it is likely to copy a file and examine them by the use of a more dedicated computer, for example; encrypted data may be decrypted by the use of another computer deprived of intruding with the veracity of the primary files.  It also conducts a quite minimal risk of harming the content in the discs, which preserves forensic evidence.

However, this technique of acquiring forensic proof is faced with various challenges, for example like the anti-computer forensic plans which are progressively coming up with current methods to overthrow it, like encryption of data, data hiding and Steganography.

The forensic software that writes device is software designed to control all access, monitor and preventing write and the storage devices on once computer on which the software is installed. It is u utilized to protect the integrity of digital proofs to be utilized in legal chronicles.

Forensic software device performs similar basic operation as hardware write-blocker counterpart. The chief variation is that, software write blockages makes use of software application mounted on the forensic computer to hinder the computer from writing to committed disks, as divergent to hardware write blockings which makes use of software charred onto a manager’s chip within “forensic bridge” devices that are physically connected between the evidence disk and your forensic computer (Palmer 2001).

In conclusion, both methods are corresponding as they are not conjointly exclusive. However, I would use Forensic disc controllers in collecting the forensic evidence since it has more advantages.

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