Mission Statement

The primary goal of Universal Security Agency is to ensure protection of people and their properties. This purpose will be achieved through providing the ideal services to ensure that the esteemed customers get the best services attainable.

Universal Security Agency has employed highly qualified managers and staff to ensure the latest technology is used to advance the set goals. Likewise, implementation of the policies will ensure steady growth of the company without deeming the quality of the services.

The clients will be assured that the strategy to provide security will always be up to standards since they will be reviewed and adjusted according to customer’s needs.

Unit 2

Scope of the Agency

Based on the experience or the background of the service guards, the company is able to provide security for private property, monetary transportation, dog patrol, Very Important Person (VIP) and other commercial services such as hotels, colleges, events, industries, rallies and banks. With prior arrangement, other types of services can be provided as well.

Recruitment and Selection Standards

Recruitment process helps to get to know if the applicant in question is qualified for a certain position. Testing under the provision underlined in federal anti-discrimination laws is applied for each step to protect employer as well as employee during the recruitment and selection processes. This step ensures professional standards are kept to the maximum level.

Testing for alcohol and drugs consumption is done to ensure the applicant dose not abuse alcohol or take illegal drugs. This is a useful process to ensure the security guards are always alert in their job and not lethargic due to alcohol and illegal drug abuse. The company does not allow consumption of alcohol during working hours since taking alcohol distorts proper vision and brain functioning to perceive information. The security job requires someone who is always alert. For individuals found to be under the influence of alcohol during working hours, severe penalties will be imposed since being under the influence of alcohol and drug abuse puts the client’s life and properties of the clients under the risk.

All employees go through medical check up to ensure the potential employees are physically fit for the job since it involves walking or standing the whole day despite the weather conditions. Some jobs, such as being a body guard, require someone who is strong in terms of masculinity. Nevertheless, not all candidates will undergo medical screening but the company encourages doing the medical check up, since it aims at attaining healthy employees in order to maintain maximum performance at work.

Polygraph tests are mandatory for security positions in the security service or when the company suspects the person was involved in a crime that resulted to huge losses in a previous place of employment. This is done with adherence to the rules and conditions under the Employee Polygraph Protection Act and as stated under the private security and regulations policies. This procedure is necessary since criminals impersonating as potential employees usually target at new companies in order to continue with their endeavors.

Security post requires the individual to work with the huge monetary transactions entail background, criminal history checks and credit checks. Credit check is a necessary step for such candidates since applicant with low credit checks are perceived as more likely to be engaged into criminal activities compared to employees with above average credit cards. It does not mean that the company employs only individuals with high amount of credits, it is only for the security post that needs the guards to monitor huge transactions taking place. The company seeks not only to ensure safety of clients’ properties but it also seeks to ensure that the company does not incur losses in terms of solving issues related to thefts commited by the employees.

 Advertisement for job application will be done through the media such as the Internet, professional associations, newspapers and through the television. Also, referral programs will be used where individual can refer qualified candidates. These are the preferred mediums of exchange since they are the most commonly used means of communication in the current technological era and they are also more professional to use to advertise serious jobs compare to social sites. Also, most job seekers know that these are the sites where someone can easily find and receive a serous job unlike in the social sites.

The Selection Process

Screening of resumes and applications is the first step involved to ensure the applicant meets the minimum recommended requirements. This process is ideal in order for the purposes of interviewer/s saving time during the interviews. Through the screening of resumes and job application, the human resource manager disqualifies those applicants who did not meet the minimum standards of employment for the company and goes ahead to proceed with the next step used in the selection process.

The second step is interviewing the most qualified individuals and verifying the credibility of their list of referees. Interviews are the most commonly used means to evaluate candidates qualification status but this company seeks to employ  not only the most professional applicant in terms of academic qualification but also the most skilled and talented person.

The third step is carrying out tests to identify people’s personality level and skills that they possess with relevance to the position that they apply. Even though it is an expensive process, it gives more accurate results than simply interviewing since the applicant is tested for what they do but not what they claim to be able to do.

The last step involves the interviewing panel that helps to select the most skilled and qualified person for the job. After that, the selected person is engaged in a phone conversation of whether they accept or decline the job. If they accept the job, a formal letter with full details is mailed and if they decline, the company will call the second most qualified person.

Participants in the panel process are the immediate supervisor, human resource manager and a specialist in the field from outside the company. They are the most necessary people during the interview and the specialist from outside the company is usually present to neutralize any biasedness that may occur during the interviewing process since some interviewers may select applicants that they are acquainted with.

All candidates will be notified about their disqualification or employment status through their personal emails. This is to ensure all candidates are abreast with their emails since most of the company notices will be sent through their personal emails.

Salary will depend on the position but the benefits will depend on their performance at their work station and appraisals from the employers. Thus the amount of money a person earns per year is not limited to what the employer pays them. It also depends on the level of  determination shown by the employees in their work stations. This means that even though some employees may do the same job, they can earn different wages based on the above explanation.


Initial job training will be carried out by the supervisors of the certain department and refresher courses will be offered after every two years. The refresher courses are only for the employees who have worked for the company for more than two years. This is done due to the fact that the company might need to outsource professional security guards for specific functions.

During the refresher courses, the professional trainers will be present to maintain the level of training for employees as well as to teach them new skills. This way the company ensures the employees are up to standards with company’s set goals and policies. The employees will also be taught how to use new technology that might have come up between that time and the last time they attended the refresher courses.

The company will use basic/general security training. However, it will focus on the candidate’s skills and passion to do their job. This is due to the fact that some people visit courses because of underlying reasons such as lack of funds to visit their dream courses. That is why they attend any courses that are proposed to them in order to earn money for a living. On the contrary, when a person shows skills and passion on a job they tend to perform better than those doing a certain job just because it is high paying or because it was the only course/job available at that time.

Unit 3

Human Resources/Policies

Standards to Be Used to Evaluate Employees

The company will evaluate specific work skills and practical work based on the candidates’ history of work experience. This step enables the employees to maximize the use of skills they possess. This process also reveals skills level in an efficient way. Through the process the employer is able get to know the persons weakness and how to help the potential employee to improve his or her skills.

The employees will be informed about the new policies through their personal emails as had been stated earlier in the proposal.

Employees will be disciplined through the human resource department regarding the gravity of the offence as stated in the company’s employment policies handout which is given to each individual once he or she receives the formal employment letter.

Employees will be rewarded on an annual basis if they are active members in professional associations. This approach will encourage them to join the different available professional associations. Other policy related issues are stated in the employment policies handout.


The administration tasks will be implemented by a qualified administrator who will be hired by the company on a permanent basis. He or she is supposed to have good relationship with the customers and ensure that the clerical duties are performed on time as well as the duties of security service providers are signed in on time. All the employees have to sign in in the morning when they come and sign out in the evening before leaving the office. This approach ensures that all employees report to their work stations in time and the company is aware where they are since they may stand in for fellow employees who are absent in different sections other than their specialized areas. 

Security tasks will be performed by a company employee who is experienced in the relevant task. However, there are times when the security personnel goes through shifts. This can happen when the needs for such a measure arise. All the security tasks will be performed by the professionals and computer literate people since securing some facilities such as rally stadiums needs experts. The security personnel can be available day or night for events such as the athletics events, diner ferry and rallies in football field.

Supervisory tasks will be done by different overseers depending on how demanding the task is and with their ability to multi task in different departments. However, only professional supervisors will be employed to ensure safety of people. Only those with the ability to multi task supervision will be assigned for the said propose. 

Unit 4

Five Items in Budgeting for the Agency

A flashlight is necessary for enabling the security guard to have a clear vision in a dark place. It can also be used as a weapon when the attacker does not have more dangerous weapon or is aware of the oncoming security guard. A flashlight also draws fear to the attackers since their brightness can blind the attacker when the flashlight is pointed at him or her. A Maglite company by flashlight is the most recommended since they are very bright, stiff (essential for using as a weapon) and they are extremely bright.

CCTV’s (Closed Circuit TV) cameras are necessary in order to provide extra security and to record events. A pepper spray is also necessary since it acts as a temporary repress on an attacker and does not cause permanent harm to the attacker. The presence of CCTV’s scares most potential attackers thus ensuring more security especially in designated areas.

A security guard should be equipped with pepper spray because it is the best way to repress an unlawful individual or attacker, without causing permanent damage to him or her. For the purposes of carrying guns and ensuring that the guns are used well only qualified security personnel will be allowed to carry guns. A cell phone is necessary as well as any other device of radio type to ensure there is a constant communication with fire department or authorities. The security guard should always be able to contact important people to contact.

Uniforms are also needed to ensure that the security personnel can be seen from far and in order for civilians to know who to notify when they need to address a security guard. The security guards uniforms also helps the security personnel to identify one another when they are working.

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