Begin from 1600 Japan became a very powerful state being under the authoritarian rule of Shogun. Warlords Daimyo and the Samurai warriors were those with help of whom Shogun managed to rule the Island. Since it was time of possible dealing with different countries and the European most of all, Shogun made Japan to develop trade, religion, entertainment and education isolated trying not to integrate with these countries, just few ports were allowed to work with Japan. “Shoguns closely controlled relations between Japan and the outside world.” (Bentley & Ziegler p. 586) This reform was done to a void “jeopardizing the security of the bakufu…” (Bentley & Ziegler p. 586) Such a ruling give Japan a chance to concentrate on its own way of education, society’s views and ideology, religion, art - culture as a whole. Kabuki was created as exceptionally Japanese type of theatre because Japan couldn’t contact with theatre of other country. Shoguns were afraid to admit Christianity on the territory of Japan so it was demanded to extirpate if there were any Japanese Christianity. Some were killed and some renounce their faith.

This kind of living of the country can be treated as positive and negative somehow. Positive here is that Japan had a great chance to create own culture dissimilar with the rest of the world what made Japan unique by their nature but here is a negative side too. It creates a big barrier between Japan and the world and in a time of globalization, it leads to great difficulties. Nevertheless, Japan being under the rule of Shogun made a great success in developing.

Ottoman Empire

During own long and eventful history Ottoman Empire can swagger about its ethnic, political, military and religious prosperity. This Empire got its name from the Ottoman dynasty founded by Osman I in 13th century. The great success of a country can be explained by the strengthening of its own military forces what gave a way of both actions – to attack and invade new territories and to guard them from other invaders. “Formidable military machine” (Bentley, p. 597) were feature of Ottoman Empire through all the history of it. The government system was closely connected to military forces and was already mentioned above – it is invading new territories. Empire benefited from the taxes from such lands. Here should be mentioned and most about sultan Suleyman under ruling of whom Ottoman Empire widened its territory to what now is a history of Byzantine Empire. In 17th century Empire began to loss its strength because European Christianity undermined it in the inside. It lost economic, politician powers, some territories. Weakening of the Empire also was caused by the exporting metals from America; this trade earlier was only Ottoman’s one. Now it wasn’t so and finally Empire lost its authority.

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