Abortion has always been a hot topic in the United States, a subject prone to criticism, especially among the religious sectors in America. In most scenarios, the anti-abortionist arguments are usually invalid, for instance, Marquis’s paper “Why Abortion is Wrong” is very misleading as it is based on the assumptions that abortion is only allowed when it is supposed that a mother will have a mentally defective fetus (Marquis 182). Considering the number of medical reasons proposed by doctors, the practice of abortion should remain legal in the U.S. since it allows a mother to choose her destiny and prevents the bearing of unwanted children in the society. The main goal of the paper is to prove that though abortion is considered to be a morally wrong act, it is sometimes justified based on the prevailing circumstances. In the paper, I intend to suggest the strong points supporting abortion and criticize the weak ones proposed by some anti-abortionists with a view to justifying the need for legalization of abortion in the United States.

Presenting Arguments

Mifepristone, also known as RU-486 is a medication that has an ability to block the action of the progesterone hormone which sustains woman’s pregnancy. The drug has been used to terminate pregnancies since 1988, especially in China and France, and since 1990’s in the United Kingdom. Since then, given its safety, it has been licensed in over 37 countries including the U.S. For that reason, the pill has been used by millions of women all over the world. Mifepristone, together with Misoprostol, can be used for termination up to 63 days of being pregnant and has been used to terminate pregnancy in the United States with a success rate of between 95-98 %. Based on the success rate of RU-486 and its legalization in the U.S, this proves that currently abortion is safe enough.

Most requests for abortions in the U.S result from the unwanted or unplanned pregnancies. Such women may be victims of rape or forced sexual intercourse, or even worse, engaged in careless sex resulting in an unplanned pregnancy. How would one deal with such a situation? Should she give birth to her child if she does not want it? Every born child should be wanted in their family. Most children that were born due to unwanted pregnancies always suffer from being rejected by their parents, which makes them grow with low self-esteem. In the book “Why Abortion Is Immoral” Marquis supports his arguments by claiming that since normal fetus has a “future-like-ours,” they have a right to live. Such assumption can be misleading since having a “future-like-us” is not a sufficient condition to justify a right to life (Marquis 186). Children are gifts from God, and as such, should not be subjected to the emotional tortures arising from being rejected by the mother. Therefore, the purpose of abortion is to give the women the right to decide whether they want to have children or not.

In some situations, abortion is justified when the mother’s health is at risk as a result of the pregnancy. In such situations, it would not be morally right to let the child’s mother die with a view of saving the child. Consequently, the medical practitioner is allowed to conduct abortion that can help save the mother’s life. This has been a common scenario in most countries all over the world, thus justifying the need for abortion.

Due to the rising cost of living all over the world and in the United States in particular, raising an unplanned child by a single parent is a challenging task. Most unplanned pregnancies cause financial strain to the mothers of such children leaving them with the burden of taking care of the child alone. At the same time, it might interfere with their normal way of life, e.g. some young ladies will be forced to leave school and take care of the child. In such situations, abortions should be allowed to ensure family planning, which will shelter such families from the costs arising from unplanned pregnancies.

Some pregnancies arise from rape, where victims are subjected to forced sex. Such victims are subjected to psychological traumas and stress resulting from such an unfortunate event. In case when the victims become pregnant, such pregnancies always remind them of the ugly experience they underwent, and children are rejected even before their birth. Children who are born from such pregnancies will suffer from a rejection, which will subject them to emotional torture. In such scenarios, it would be justified to have the abortion so as to ensure that the every child should be wanted and planned. An abortion will also free the mother from the trauma she might undergo as a result of such unfortunate experience.

Critical Evaluation

To support the act of abortion, Marquis wrote a book “Why Abortion Is Wrong.” In his book, Marquis is right when presumes that it is wrong to kill, but the claim that the loss of one’s future as result of his or her killing is an unfounded hypothesis. Human beings due to their nature should be treated differently from the rest of the creatures. The basic principle states that harming living organisms requires justification, however, it is also quite clear that various kinds of harm can be exerted to different living beings depending on their nature of consciousness. Therefore, the assumption that moral weight should form the entire basis of advocating for anti-abortion campaign in the United States is not the right hypothesis. One may look at an example when contraception is considered to be morally wrong and does not serve to be a sole reason why not to use it, given its dire need in the world.

In addition to that, Marquis’ arguments that fetus has a “future-like-ours” should be considered as an unfounded premise, since it is based on the assumption that it already has a “future-like-ours.” It is important to note that fetuses are very different from adults since philosophical investigation of the personal identity over the time has proved that the biological and physiological complexities regarding the connections that exist between later and earlier stages of person’s development are evident. Such significant differences invalidate the assumption that fetuses have personal features that are similar in some ways to those of the adults (Paske 369).


Though abortion at times is necessary, it should be conducted by a qualified medical doctor and in very safe conditions to ensure mother’s safety. Over the years, the main cause for abortion has always been to save the life of the expectant mother. As such, it would make sense that to achieve this objective, abortion should be done by a highly qualified medical practitioner and in very safe conditions so as to ensure that its primary objective is achieved. As a result, while legalizing abortion in the United States, the government should ensure that all the safety procedures are observed, which will ensure the safety of the mother.

Concerning moral aspect, abortion is not justified since it ends the life of the child, denying their right to life that every living being should be guaranteed. Therefore, there is not enough reason to justify the act of ending one’s life to save another one. As such, the religious and civil groups leading anti-abortion campaigns in the United States are justified to some extent.

Nevertheless, young ladies should not take advantage of advocating for abortion in the United States, while engaging in acts of careless sex will lead to having abortions. Young men and women should be responsible enough not to engage in unprotected sex as they are not financially prepared to raise a child. Therefore, my stand on advocating for legalization of abortion in the United States should not be taken as an excuse to engage in unprotected sex that can lead to the unwanted pregnancy.


Abortion should be legalized in the U.S as it is considered to be medically safe. Though every child has a right to live, the child’s mother should give birth to him or her willingly. Furthermore, a healthy economy is one that is able to feed its population well and able to cater for their needs. To achieve these points in the U.S, planned deliveries are inevitable. Mothers should be given a chance to give birth when they are ready for the upcoming responsibilities. Though the anti-abortionist arguments cannot be ignored, the causes for abortion are strong enough to guarantee its legalization in the United States.

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