Document design has three major goals, which are very important if the document designed is to be effective in fulfilling its purpose. Document design has the goals of assisting readers in understanding the hierarchy and structure of information, assisting them in finding the information they need, and lastly assisting them in comprehending the information. In document design, there are also five things that ought to be taken into consideration by the document designer. These are: the size, which refers to page count and page size; the paper, which entails taking into account the quality of paper used; bindings, which include how the documents will be bound together by use of tools such as staples, glue among others; and lastly access tools, which facilitate finding of information in the document through the use of tools such as references, contents pages, and footnotes.

An extended definition is a lengthy clarification that has a lot of detail and comprises a paragraph or more regarding an idea, a process or an object. In many instances, it starts with a sentence definition which is further detailed. There are several means through which an extended definition may be written, including comparison and contrast, principle of operation, examples, and partition. Comparison and contrast employs a discussion of the similarities and differences of things or ideas which the audience has some knowledge on. The principle of operation is an explanation of how things work. Examples make use of similar objects to the idea being communicated that the audience already understands. Partition, on the other hand, divides an idea or object into constituent parts which are easier for the audience to take in and understand gradually.

Arguments may be classified into deductive, inductive, and analogical. Deductive arguments are the arguments in which the conclusion reached is arrived at logically from the premises. This type of argument may be used in a situation in which there is a need to relate to factual information to come up with a conclusion. An inductive argument is an argument wherein the conclusion reached is arrived at by means of the frequency of occurrence of the phenomenon and outcome. It is used in scientific arguments since it relies on statistics as opposed to logic. Analogical arguments make use of hypothetical premises in coming up with conclusions. They are often invalid since hypothetical deductions may be untrue.

There are several things which ought to be taken into consideration in the preparation of an oral presentation. There are, however, three rules which are of utmost importance in the creation of an oral presentation: talk to the audience, less is more, and logicality in presentation. It is important to ensure that the presenter knows the audience in terms of their backgrounds and dispositions so as to respond to their needs in the presentation. It is also of paramount importance that the message is kept short and punchy so as to avoid too much explanation. Lastly, it is important to ensure that the presentation has a logical flow since this helps in keeping the audience engaged, and in this case, the presentation is better understood.

In the course of revision of a document, there are several processes involved which affect the different parts of the document differently. The parts taken into consideration in this aspect are the document as a whole, the paragraph, and the sentence. The revision is guided by the message intended for the whole document since revision is intended to ensure that the whole document portrays one unified message as originally intended. The revision of the paragraph is aligned to the message of the whole document even if each paragraph has its own sub message. The revision of the sentences are intended to make them conform to the message of the topic sentence of the paragraph and to ensure that there are no grammatical or syntactical errors.

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