Modern pace of life demands that more attention should be given to the use of innovative technologies, strategies and improvements. They are aimed at obtaining the best results, while using less efforts, as well as improvement of already existing institutes. Probably, educational system is one of those life spheres which are greatly and influenced by these innovations. It is a common knowledge that educational level of population constitutes the most important potential of each state. Our future depends on highly educated people who usually determine and influence the living standards of everyone. For this purpose, search for the best ways and methods of youth education is a key question for all societies and is often very disputable. Making a decision whether to study at co-ed or at all-girl’s schools is an attempt of modernity to determine what is the most appropriate for pupils during the process of education. The thoughts concerning use of either co-ed or all-girl’s schools are quite controversial. Both of them have its supporters and opponents. In my opinion, the only possible way to determine which school is the most appropriate for a child is to clarify the functions of each school. The most important thing is to define whether it is a place for building up relationships and acquiring communicative skills or a place aimed at learning.

In general, both types of school mentioned above do not differ in the systems of state financing, maintenance, educational planes, and schedules. There are no apparent differences in educational standards of teachers; all of them possess appropriate skills, abilities and desire needed for teaching the pupils. In addition, all students are provided with equal possibilities for satisfying their needs in education, communication etc. since they are entitled to free development of their individuality. All these factors correspond to general principles of equality and non-discrimination. However, at the same time, the supporters of co-ed schools point out some peculiarities and preferences of this type of school. Their main argument lies in the fact that studying at co-ed school is a natural process of learning as well as human co-existence, since all activities are taken in the environment consisted of women and men. They demand it to be natural and necessary, stating that human being lives in the gender-mixed society from its birth. The supporters of co-ed schools say that it is better for pupils to determine their own place in this world, realize their identity and learn how to overcome inborn modesty and timidity in communication with others. Moreover, those pupils who study at co-ed schools affirm that they gain more pleasure and joy while studying and communicating with the representatives of other gender. It lets them be more experienced and socially adapted. Additionally, it is easier for them to build up relationships in the future, feel true friendship and love.  To sum up, it should be mentioned that the main attention in co-ed schools is paid to the development of social skills of pupils as well as overcoming of obstacles in communication.

However, in my opinion, the main emphasis should be laid on the educational process and obtaining useful skills by pupils. The main goal of each school should be to teach pupils taking into consideration their particulars and needs.  In such a way, all-girls schools will be more effective and appropriate. The latest results of researches showed that scores of those girls who study at all-girl’s schools are higher than scores of those who study at co-ed schools (National Association for Single Sex public Education 2012). Such results have a lot of reasons. First of all, it worth mentioning that since a class consists of representatives of only one gender, specific methods are chosen for teaching such children. It is a generally acknowledged fact that women and men have different peculiarities connected with apprehension of information. Women master arts, music, and literature much better than men. In its turn, boys are highly interested in different natural sciences, so they show better results in these fields of study. Thus, dividing children according to their gender and teaching them separately lets tutors use their natural abilities to improve knowledge in those fields of study in which they are good at. In addition, it was proved that girls who study at all-girl’s schools are more daring to freely express themselves and their thoughts because they are not afraid of being ridiculed by boys. Moreover, quite often these girls break stereotypes and choose those subjects which are considered to be boyish (Thomas Spielhofer et al. 2002). For example, girls often choose physics or computer science, because they are not afraid to be the only girl among the boys in the class. In ordinary schools, in its turn, girls prefer to choose more girlish subjects because they do not want to stand out and feel embarrassment caused by the behavior of boys. As a result, the girls who study subjects which they are interested in get higher scores. In addition, girls confess that they do not pay so much attention to their style and make-up in order to attract boys compared to those who study at ordinary schools. Thus, they can concentrate on studying. Thus, all these factors contribute to rising of academic achievement and make pupils broad-minded people.

As for me, the arguments of the opponents of all-girls’ schools connected with insufficient socialization as well as problems in communication with boys are a little bit exaggerated and out-of-date. Of course, a few years ago, we could talk about some estrangement and apartness in relations between men and women. However, today, availability of social networks, different groups, meetings, gatherings, which let people communicate and cooperate, almost removed that problem. Children have a number of ways of communicating with each other and they can choose the one that suits them most. In addition, all-girls’ schools indirectly increase the rate of safety, since the number of victims of sexual-related crimes and sexual harassment has significantly decreased.

In conclusion, it should be mentioned that educational system is a very important sphere of life, especially when talking about girls. Most of them will be mothers in the future and pass the acquired knowledge and skills to her children, to the new generation. Therefore, each state’s duty is to provide the best education for girls. It can be stated that both types of schools, as the elements of educational process, have their own preferences, drawbacks and peculiarities.  Co-ed schools are good at developing social skills, while all-girls schools help pupils make their knowledge deeper and become high-educated persons. Thus, while choosing a type of school, peculiarities and needs of each child should be taken into consideration.

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