Information Systems: Home ltd Information System

Homes ltd is a company that will be in the real estate industry. It will deal with asset management and advancing mortgages to the customers to build homes or residential houses. It will have branches in the four continents: America, Asia, Africa and Europe. The mission of the company is to increase the number of people owning homes in all continents by 15% in a span of 5years. It will not be an easy task as they will be competitors such as banks, which advance mortgages to people.

There is a lot of information that will be needed to flow from the branches in countries of the various continents to the head office in London, Britain Europe. For that there is need to have a robust information system. The information system will be used by the top management to monitor how the different branches are performing. Gradually, the functionality of the information system will be increased so online transaction processing can be incorporated in the system. The system should have good connectivity to ensure that the data across the continents is transferred reliably. The information will be decentralized so as the different branches are empowered to make the minor decisions. They will communicate every decision that they make to the top management, which will finally get to the headquarters. The information system will provide the information necessary so that the branches can make the most satisfactory decision.

The database will be oracle as it is secure and remains stable even with huge amounts of data. The connection across the various continents will be through fiber cable in a private Virtual network. The computers to be used will be desktops with 2-gigabyte RAM, core i3 processor with a clock speed of 3.1gigahertz and internal storage of 1 terabyte. They will be running on a Linux ubuntu 10.10 since it is more secure from viruses and hackers than Microsoft windows and has very few bugs. The data management system will be MYSQL.

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