Without a doubt the development of the innovative technologies brought progress in the modern world, made our life easier and more interesting. The innovative technologies are core component in all sphere of our life: work, education, entertainment, etc. The fast-moving way of life changes not only our life but us. We forget to control what our children do, what are their ways of time spending.

However when it comes about video games, our first thought is the negative effect on children's health. Video game is the largest and fastest growing entertainment industries and people who develop it take care about their business and profits forgetting about the danger which they cause. Video game is a new creation however the results of its playing maybe fatal.

Let's reveal the positive sides of video games. Video games are supposed to be good teachers because they attract children's attention and give skills for further success. Video games are motivating because they contain the different levels of difficulty and it is a good opportunity for children to try so many times as it needs to be successful.

Children are always impressed, excited with video games and never miss the opportunity to play. Moreover one should remember all is not gold that glitters.

Research has shown that video games belong to the violent kind of entertainment and provokes only aggression, hostile expectations and conflict of the player with another people. It was proved that children, the players of video games behave as their heroes of the games. Their behavior is aggressive, violent; their thoughts are negative, gloomy and pessimistic. The excessive playing is harmful for health and life of child as it deprives from another useful activities (reading, doing sport, etc), causes backaches, headaches, eye and hand problems. Child is slowly becoming lonely and he/she loses friends because of the constant sitting in front of the computer.

For example, when children play video games they say only negative words as: “Kick the other driver’s car!”, “Start yelling and swearing at the guy!”, “Are you blind?”, etc. The children are full of aggressive, irritated, vicious, cruel, aggressive, violent and angry feelings (Bushman & Anderson, 2002).

Indeed, even not often playing of video games has a bad impact on moral and physical health of child and the worst thing is that when child is becoming addicted to such kind entertainment, he/he needs treatment as alcohol or drug user. The child, addicted to video games is mean, aggressive, violent, sees world as a scary place, is desensitized to violence not only in virtual but also in real life, is callous and less sympathetic to the victims of violence and he/she desires to see more and more violent entertainment (Gentile, 2004).

In conclusion, I would like to say that with the development of new technologies, we began to forget about the problems which they cause. However, we should think about new young generation and prevent it from such a mistake. That is why video games should be used only with educational aim. 

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