Is Global Warming Caused By Humans or Isn’t It Part of A Natural Cycle of Events?

Global warming is a phenomenon that has been blamed on human activities for its existence. It is argued that due to the increasing rate of globalization and industrialization, there has been more and more production and manufacture of items that man needs hence leading to increased emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere (Fred & Dennis 200-219). Thus the increase of carbon dioxide gases in the atmosphere has resulted in increased temperatures on earth consequently leading to climate change. Globalization has led to increased reliance on machines such as vehicles, which use coal products thus, producing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It is these human activities that have led to the phenomenon of global warming (Patrick 110-135).

However, this position has been disputed by other scientists who argue that global warming is just as a result of the natural cycle of the earth and human activities are simply adding to an already natural warming trend that will result in significant but tolerable weather changes (Brian 119-130). This argument is based on the fact that the earth’s oceans and land hold over 50 times as much carbon dioxide as is in the atmosphere, and that there is no sufficient knowledge that can explain the movement between these two reservoirs of carbon dioxide (David 40-55). Consequently, the thesis is that the warming by the earth could be through the natural mixture of the gases that already in existence and those human activities only contribute a small fraction of these gases. As a result therefore, it is difficult to assign the blame to one specific cause, it is however important to acknowledge that human activities play a significant role in the global warming phenomenon (Paul 117-123).

Is Everything Being Done That Can Be Done To Slow Global Warming?

A lot of steps aimed at combating global warming have been taken particularly at the international level. This is through the realization that global warming is a reality and that action needs to be taken sooner rather than later. At the international level, there has been more commitment expressed by many countries to strengthen international responses to risks of climate change (Steven 175-195). This has been facilitated by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. It is under this framework that the Kyoto protocol was launched, which is an international and legally binding agreement to reduce greenhouse gases emissions worldwide. The Kyoto Protocol is based on the recognition that developed countries contribute significantly to the amount of GHG emissions in the atmosphere. More efforts have also been encouraged at the country level where the countries have formulated strategies and agencies that specifically deal with global warming issues. For instance in the US there is the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, (Willie, 4-10). Individual have also been encouraged to participate in activities that reduce global warming such as driving less frequently or driving cars that consume less fuel, recycling products and planting more trees (Jonathan 175-190).

Are People Able To Pass Up Some Needs That Cause Global Warming?

People can find alternative ways of getting their needs through means that do not lead to global warming.  For instance, factories can adopt more advanced methods of manufacturing which rely on technology and which use less energy or find non-polluting sources like solar and wind power. In an effort to reduce the amount of waste, factories can use recycling in order to reduce the amount of waste they release in the environment. Individuals can walk more frequently so as to avoid driving thus burning up more coal which leads to carbon dioxide emissions (Charles 1-5). They can also buy energy-efficient products which do not rely on so much energy in order to function optimally.

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