Electronic medical records it is a kind of new reorganization of information. Previously, all patient information stored in paper cards, books and folders. However, with the development of modern technology, people have decided that it is not practical to use. This applies particularly to large medical centers, in which are turning thousands of patients every day. Thus were invented medical card for patients in electronic (paperless) form. There are two different kinds of these electronic cards like EMR (electronic medical records) and EHRs (electronic health records). An EMR includes all the information about the patient: registration details, the results of medical examination, anthropometric measurements, laboratory tests and a variety of graphical data (ultrasound, X-rays, etc.). Electronic health records beyond the record in the same hospital, because contain the complete picture of customer surveys since the creation of the card regardless of the hospital where the person has been surveyed (Perez, 2002). EHRs are more wide and broad patient history.

The main principles in work with EMR are not so hard. When human is entering data in to the EMR, it does not have to spend much time typing on the keyboard. In the system used unique technology of tree templates, which allows creating reports of examinations, using a standard set of professional terms and expressions. This significantly facilitates the work of nurses and doctors. All they need in finding a disease is simply selected the required words and phrases from a list proposed in specially designed templates review. For convenience, the template set as the default response, interactive tips and highlighting. The correctness and completeness of data entry is controlled automatically during the formation medical records. Entering patient information in the card using templates and saving it in a structured way facilitates better exchange of information with other medical institutions. Using statistical data processing can be quickly and easily prepare all necessary reports in compliance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health and other regulatory agencies. If necessary, the staff of the clinic has access to the card patient not only with LAN computers, but also by remote access from your home computer. Quick access to information, ease of use and well-designed mechanism of the program will increase efficiency and quality of staff as well as the reliability and confidentiality of patient data storage. The whole data management system developed by MEDITECH organization is not only useful but convenient.

MEDITECH organization is a software company that sells informational systems all over the world. The main field of this organization is health care direction. It was founded in USA by Neil Pappalardo in 1969. Since that time with the progress of communication technologies developments of this company evolved. The principle of operation is increasingly becoming easier and easier to use. Today the company is cooperating with many countries, for example, Germany, Spain, Mexico, South Africa, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada and others (Plunkett, 2009). The main headquarters of the MEDITECH organization is located in Westwood, Massachusetts. One of the first EU countries that introduced such medical records in Europe was Germany. Since October 2011, the country became above its competitors in the field of medicine. Albeit the main country that uses and disseminates these products is Denmark. Should be noted that implementation of these technologies is still expensive, but those hospitals that are equipped with them can say with certainty about their level of customer service. In line with already established, scientists from England even started to use electronic technology in veterinary medicine.

The organization also has an official website where people can learn about the full benefits of productions. Professionals and those who are interested in such a service can join forums and seminars, read about new projects and evaluate the quality of MEDITECH organization.

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