Drug use in American schools has grown to very high levels due to increase in population that access the drugs, or due to higher number of reported cases. The use of drugs grew in the middle 70s and 80s. The reasons behind increased drug abuse in American schools are more than mere peer pressure and availability of the drugs. The society seems to have accepted the fate of their children. In today’s world, drug and alcohol adverts are all around. Alcohol adverts form a major part in the advertisement departments of all TV channels across America. Drug cartels own shops and streets of major cities in America. Today, if a student wants to abuse cocaine, it will take him or her less than 5 minutes to get to the source. The source of drugs is easily accessible to students, and goes for a cheap price.

There are various reasons that push students to engage in drug abuse. Some of them originate from the families background. For instance, some students copy what their parents and older siblings do. The urge to be like their parents forces youth to start abusing drugs. Family problems and hardships are also reasons of the increased drug abuse in American high schools. When a student comes from a family with barely enough money to survive, he or she will undertake some risks to make some money to help the family. Due to the readily available business in local drug trafficking, the students join cartels to make money to supplement want their parents can afford.

The main cause of drug abuse in American schools is peer pressure. Students who already take bhang, nicotine, marijuana, cocaine and other drugs force new students to join them. Students do not want to be alienated from their friends, hence end up joining groups that abuse drugs. The main areas where drugs are abused include night parties and school breaks. The urge to be in a group that is famous in the school and to enjoy the rights offered by that group in the school forces students to join them. The influence by peers is the main reason of the high drug abuse in the American high schools.

Some students also engage in drug abuse due to the urge to try and experiment new things. Continuous trial sessions of the substance lead to addiction. The students get used to taking the drunks, and cannot live without them. High school students are in the peak of their adolescence, and at this age, they want to try new things. Due to their availability, students start using drugs.

Drug use has resulted to disastrous impacts to the society and education system in America. Young girls have dropped out of school due to pregnancy. Male students have left school to partake in the drug trafficking business. There is increased crime along the streets of the US due to the increased number of drop outs and local drug traffickers. Killings and rape have become the order of the streets of the US. Drug abuse, which starts in high schools, is the main cause of all these problems.

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