As the human population increases, the needs of the people also increase. They end up consuming large volumes of goods and other associated materials that create and add value to their lives. Production and consumption of these materials lead to the formation of wastes which are at the end deposited as garbage. Some materials can be reused again and can be isolated from the garbage which calls for the need of creating recycling companies. Improper garbage disposal results in serious threats to nature while Recycling benefits both the people and the environment.

Excess garbage leads to soil contamination through metal, plastic, glass, and paper wastes. These wastes end up being trash hence affecting the nature of soils. Studies show that ink from the papers increases the toxicity of the soil. Therefore the grounds around the garbage deposits are generally contaminated and the soils end up being poor.

Garbage contains harmful chemicals that automatically contaminate the air. Some of the harmful chemicals contained in the garbage include oil, acid, and bleach. When plastic and paper garbage are burned they contaminate the air through the smoke that is being produced. Improper deposited garbage produces methane gases in the atmosphere which in turn destroys the ozone layer.

Improper garbage disposal greatly affects human beings, marine life, and animals. The smoke produced from burning garbage causes respiratory diseases to people. Garbage dumping in water sources negatively affects the animals when they come into contact with this contaminated water. Studies further reveal that garbage disposal forms algal bloom in the sea. This cluster in the seawater causes suffocation to the marine creatures which in end causes death. The algal bloom also interferes with the sea bottoms thereby causing harm to the corals and fish. Wastes such as fishing lines, plastic bottles, and Styrofoam once consumed by the marine animals definitely results in death. Consumption of contaminated marine animals causes problems to human health (Cone and Steven, p.63).

The creation of recycling companies greatly helps in reducing the amount of garbage that is deposited. It is also good to note that these companies help in teaching the public better ways of depositing garbage to reduce the negative effects associated with improper disposal. Recycle companies superimpose on materials such as metal, plastic, glass, and paper wastes. These materials in the absence of the recycling companies cause harm to human beings and the environment. This is realized when they are burned in the view of doing away with them which instead leads to the accumulation of harmful gases in the atmosphere which hurts both the health of the people and the environment. Recycling, therefore, is very important and recycling companies should be developed all over the country, (Huysman and Dirk p.15).

Recycling helps in saving energy. The creation of recycling companies ensures that it takes less energy in the process of producing materials than it would be the case of virgin materials. Production of the original materials is associated with high consumption of energy unlike in the recycled materials where less energy is required,

Recycling also in combating global warming which is realized through the process of reducing pollution. Recycling ensures that plastic and paper materials are not burned which helps in reducing the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This helps to prevent depletion in the ozone layer.

Recycling also helps in the reduction of the waste products that end up deposited in the landfills. The no-biodegradable items in the landfills are utilized as useful materials. Recycling also helps in saving the earth where it prevents the destruction of the environment. Production of the original materials involves great destruction of the environment which is not the case of production of recycled materials which entirely depends on the waste products.


Garbage should be properly deposited otherwise it will cause great harm to both the people and the environment. The creation of recycling industries is very important because it may not only help in controlling the levels of waste materials but also can be a source of employment for many people where they can generate income.

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