Sociology is a wide field of study that seeks to explore human social life. In the effort to understand how the entire world works, it is divided into many subsections ranging from analysis performances to the development of theories which then lead to further research. The social world is undergoing various changes. While others believe it is growing, others view it as a sinking boat. It is a fact though that society must change over time, and these changes form the basis of sociology. Change in environment, for instance, can make a community adopt other ways of life, and invasion of other communities can have effects on the spoken language and lifestyle as well.

Sociologists are people who study sociology. They organize and conduct research work to build up and test theories about society, for instance, the association among groups, poverty, and crime. Also, they examine and interpret data to increase their understanding of human social behavior among others. Sociologists are also teachers. They pass their knowledge to their students and guide them through new studies.

Comparing the two articles, they give us two different views of a sociologist. While discussing bullshitting, the first researcher tries to understand why road hikers like bullshitting and what they gain from it. The researcher goes ahead to explain that despite a lot of exaggeration of terms in bullshitting, people who engage in it tend to derive some form of satisfaction from it. Also, stories about a place can give important details to those who have never been there. However, while studying children’s loneliness, the researcher seems to seek answers to a problem and use various techniques to find out what makes children lonely and why. These findings are important as solutions may be derived from them, and various activities are introduced to save children from the world of loneliness.

Sociology generally employs various methods; however, qualitative and quantitative methods are mostly used. Qualitative techniques involve the use of statistics, in that representation of entities, is in numerical forms. Qualitative research, on the other hand, tries to describe the analysis of the subject entity in detail and from all perspectives. The two, however, have various common traits both in theory and in practice since they develop from observable reality. Most sociologists opt for mixed methods which combine both qualitative and quantitative techniques as seen in the two articles that we compare.

Qualitative and quantitative researchers both agree that regardless of the differences in the two methods, social research should get its basis on life events. While assessing loneliness among children, analyzing several traits common for all children is crucial. Interviews, interactions, and observations should relate to the subject under research. Also, the researchers must strictly adhere to standard rules and procedures while undertaking the research process thus enable all research work to contain logic and consistency.

All social research works follow certain steps. This saves a lot of the researcher’s time and makes him/her more organized. The steps include asking a research question based on a theoretical orientation, selecting possible research respondents, collecting data, analysis of data, and finally reporting the results. Once the sociologist has chosen a topic of research, he can then follow the steps choosing from a variety of methods in each step or using all the methods. The order in which one follows the steps and their relation varies from one technique to another.

Sociologists should have a strategy before conducting any form of research. This allows them to gain a lot from the research and thus achieve the purpose. The most famous sociologists have attained their status because of the appeal of their work. Strategies make work easy to understand and carry the required detail. To achieve this, one must master the art of research and make sure that their analysis of human behavior is knowledgeable and is connected to the real world.

Every topic of sociological study affects the target audience. Bullshitting, for instance, makes life on the road very enjoyable. Participants gain more understanding of road travel and develop their imagination through exaggerated concepts. Child loneliness, on the other hand, attempts to understand the experiences of lonely children, both long and short-term, and their impact on development. Through research, the sociologist explains various aspects in detail; thus there is a clarification of their causes. It is possible to explore various actions and positive aspects in society that lead to growth. Whatever the topic of study, it is clear that there is some major influence on the target in one way or another. 

The purpose of research varies from one researcher to another. Bullshitting, for instance, tries to explain why play makes a greater part of public life and why people will often make fun out of serious problems. Children’s loneliness, on the other side, tries to find out the impact of loneliness on children by assessing several aspects of their characters. As stated above, sociology is a wide field divided into various subcategories. A sociologist chooses an area of interest and conducts research based on a particular insight that he or she gets from the environment. The results of the research affect the purpose of the research because of new information or knowledge that was not there before; thus the situation at hand may face significant changes.

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