Battered women may be too emotionally disturbed or traumatized to concentrate at the work place. In addition, battered women tend to come from lower classes. The Chicago study (Browne, 1995) found that most battered women are not employed at the time they want to work. Their increased dependence on males’ earnings is one of the reasons why they are vulnerable to battering. Poor women are not likely to report cases of physical abuse. They are likely to suffer in silence (Weinreb, 1995). This perpetuates domination by men.

Many battered women do not have adequate training or education that can help them secure a reliable job. The Passaic County Study (Browne, 1995) found out that 39.7% of abused women reported their partners having prevented them from obtaining training or education. Poor women are likely to be affected by broken and unstable relationships. The Massachusetts study found that 52% of abused women had argued with their partners about child support, custody or visitation, 20% of women who had never been abused reported the same (Browne, 1995).

Battered women deserve assistance. Incentives to waged work should be introduced so that women’s vulnerability in the national economy is reduced. Battering and poverty are issues of human rights and they should have a new deterrent outlook. A social justice approach that guarantees solvency and safety should be considered. The approach will guarantee safeguard of civil, political, economic, and social and human rights to all regardless of immigration status, employment status or marital status. Battered women need empowerment. They are likely to stay in abusive relationships because they cannot afford justice. Government and non-governmental organizations should offer legal assistance. This may eventually lead to justice and independence. Assisting such women will require sensitivity because many women fear that available opportunities for communication are not safe and confidential; this makes them decline to report cases of violence.

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