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The End of Time

Many cultures and religions shared specific beliefs about the end of the world or, in other words, the apocalypse. Mayan tribes designed a special calendar, Christians believe in Judgment Day, and so on. Hollywood movies depict the wide range of possible apocalypses starting with nuclear war and ecological catastrophe or asteroid collision and ending with a zombie apocalypse, alien invasion, machine uprising, etc. It would be more appropriate to distinguish different concepts of apocalypse into three types that are human-caused, natural, and external. Obviously, all of them can lead to the destruction of the planet; therefore, it is more significant to know how to respond to the apocalypse. In times of overall panic around the apocalypse, one should rather be patient and think of salvation, not only for oneself but for the entire humanity too.

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It is difficult to predict, but it might be a disaster for a person to know that he or she may witness the apocalypse. All in all, the apocalypse is described in many cultures in different ways and forms, which were considered the most frightening for the people. Nonetheless, even today, people may observe the changes that happen to our planet, such as global warming, acid rains, etc. Finally, climate change may result in serious problems, such as a lack of water and food. In my opinion, this gradual end of time is a more possible development of events than other scenarios. At the same time, one should not forget about the apocalypse caused by outside factors, such as asteroid collision and others.

Personally, for me, it is doubtful that any apocalyptic horror movie depicting alien invasion or zombie apocalypse can come true. In my opinion, natural catastrophes or nuclear war are more threatening disasters, which may lead to the destruction of the planet. The number of military conflicts is only rising each year, and they become more fierce. Moreover, the main goal of ISIS, which is one of the main aggressors in the Middle East, is to provoke the end of the world (Chapman 158). There are a lot of less powerful organizations, which have the same targets, and it cannot make people indifferent.

In my opinion, it is important to be less concerned about the possible end of times, since it only provokes panic and depression. Although there were a lot of predictions about the apocalypse, fortunately, none of them came true. Hence, one should not abandon the usual daily life, quit a job or study, and forget about family and friends only because of knowing that the end of times might be close. It is important to be calm and confident in a better outcome. For instance, Christianity holds an effective response to the concept of the apocalypse as in Christian doctrines, the idea of apocalypse carries within it the prospect of salvation (Connor). Believing in salvation may be the best reaction to panic and pessimistic tendencies in society.

Without any doubts, the end of times will not have positive effects on humanity. However, one should remember that nothing is eternal, and sooner or later our world will meet its end too. It is impossible to predict how and when it will happen, but there is no sense to wait for it and be afraid of the apocalypse. There are a lot of various scenarios of the apocalypse in different religions and cultures, and any of them may become real. At the same time, no religion tells people that they should be afraid of the end times or be paranoid about the time of the apocalypse. In my opinion, one should better hope for a positive outcome, instead of frightening the apocalypse as people did in 2012.

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