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The Contribution of the Notion of Priesthood to Effective Workplace Management

The presence of God in human life remains essential especially in the way they execute their duties. Studying the meaning and significance of the sacrament helps people in fulfilling their covenant with Him. Moreover, the exploration of different Biblical chapters aids in discerning the way that the Lord expects individuals to relate to one another. It brings about the understanding that humans are the royal priesthood and the holy nations. One of the areas where this knowledge can be implemented is management as the workplace executives should choose acceptable to ensure that they handle their subordinates humanely and execute their duties according to God's requirements as stipulated in the Bible.

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One has to start by discussing the understanding and acceptance of spirituality since it influences the conduct of various managers in their workplace. People should indeed behave in a manner that gives glory and honor to God. It means, thus, the living style of a person should be organized in a way of thanksgiving to the Lord. Additionally, the need for self-transcending and self-giving in one's activity remains imperative implying that any executive should work with the focus to go beyond the organizational set limits. No conflicting interest should bar them from achieving at least the fixed goals of the entity. Besides, they must avail of any assistance that could be essential to reach the main objectives of the company. In fact, one can indeed acquire such qualities by heeding the teachings of Biblical spirituality.

Moreover, the understanding of the sacrament concept helps managers in discerning the evil and the truth. As a result, it helps them in promoting godly behaviors in the workplace. For instance, any executive should shun orchestrating fraud in the organization which can be implemented only by accepting to live according to the priesthood norms. Their knowledge is essential since it explains to the managers the sinful nature of Satan's work that is significant in promoting the identification of the dichotomy between the vices and virtues in any institution. Consequently, the executives can ensure that they support the acceptable modes of conduct regarding themselves and their subordinates. This move further minimizes or eliminates any form of friction that could compromise the achievement of the company's objectives.

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Furthermore, the sacrament that leads to initiation is vital in the lives of the Christian managers. One may hear of God's existence but without them being born again through baptism, it is difficult to accept or see the reality and distinguish the truth. In fact, for leaders to practice good conduct in their workplace, they must identify what God requires of their life and implement it. Therefore, baptism is one way of committing a person's life to Him. Consequently, individuals must fulfill this covenant by offering their lives as a thanksgiving to the Lord. In the case of executives, the process entails handling their juniors with humility while teaching them the correct way of behavior. Additionally, through baptism, managers fulfill the sacramental demand of salvation that requires them to uphold the promise that they have made with God in everything they do in their job.

Another sacrament that influences the leader's behavior is the Eucharist that is a ceremony that commemorates the last supper and is of significance since it promotes a sense of togetherness and sharing. As a result, it helps the managers in accepting the need to have meetings with their colleagues including the subordinates. During such occasions, they can share any kind of food and drinks, and at such gatherings, the managers can share their work experience with their juniors. Such situations instill a sense of unity in the people working in the company. The mentioned above is also stated in the Book of John, Chapters 14-17. This part of the Bible advises on the need to work together for the good of the organization. It claims that a divided house cannot stand and, therefore, leaders need their subordinates to ensure togetherness at the workplace. The Bible also encourages managers to help each other and work as a team since it results in productive performance.

Another important Biblical part for the managers to consider is the one that tells about the fall of a man in the Garden of Eden that is described in Genesis, Chapters one to three. In these verses, the Bible informs people of the powers God has given to a man including that of care. Managers should perceive their workplaces as the Garden of Eden where the Lord has placed them to guide the employees and manage any property available there. Thus, they need to avoid desires for selfish gains and work to achieve the organization's goals. Furthermore, they should see other staff members as helpers the same way God has created a woman to assist a man. Lastly, they must steer clear of any activities that can compromise their covenant with Him.

Chapters 19-24 of Exodus provide more information for the managers on how to work in a cordial relationship with the subordinates. This part of the Bible calls for the set of rules and regulations that guide every operation to ensure that there is a smooth running of activities. For instance, it advises on social responsibility towards one another and the need to demonstrate justice and mercy. It can also be inferred that managers should at all times be the people who guide the staff concerning their work.

Moreover, Deuteronomy, Chapters 6 and 14, advise the executives on the importance of leading by example. It is only through this behavior that their juniors can adhere to rules and regulations without groaning. The mentioned part of the Bible also claims that for peace and coexistence to prevail, there has to be a distinction between right and wrong. This means that the managers themselves should lead in doing the proper things so that their followers do not question their intentions at any time. They also have to remember that any attempt to circumvent these laws might impact negatively the work. Actually, Isaiah, in Chapter one, warns about the consequences of straying from the set principles and standards. It is highlighted that these are detrimental to the overall performance and existence of people, and managers can use this analogy to ensure that they do not veer from what is right. However, the Bible states that no mistake is irredeemable and, therefore, for that leader that has not done what is correct, there is always a chance to rectify and continue following the established standards.

To continue, Matthew (5:1-7:29) also informs the managers about the importance of being meek at all times because it is a recipe for acquiring more wealth on earth. At the same time, the Bible reiterates that should one be in need to get and know more, they have a better chance of being aggressive. It is, therefore, a piece of advice to executives to be aggressive but, at the same time, ensure that they stick to mercy and humility.

One has to consider another practical tip that can be found in the Book of Corinthians, Chapter 1. From the text, it can be inferred that managers have to take responsibility wholeheartedly and do things with all their might. They have to take every effort to avoid separation and motivate staff members to work in unity. Leaders need to follow this principle as it is useful not only for the productivity of the company but also for the coexistence with the subordinates. The managers should look up to Paul who stood firm in his principles and be at the forefront of championing togetherness and adherence to the established laws and regulations.

Finally, the Book of Philippians, Chapters one and two, echoes the teachings of Paul and advises on the significance of humility. Managers should be as humble as possible because even though they are leaders, they are in fact the servants of people. The Bible informs them that humility makes one shine like a star, and, therefore, it is a way to help the executives earn respect and love from the people they serve. Furthermore, it is important to be thankful. Appreciation goes a long way in motivating others, and, consequently, leaders should ensure that once in a while, they express acknowledgment and thank their employees for their efforts.

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In conclusion, the Biblical teachings express much information that remains vital for effective delivery by the managers. It helps them in accepting the fact that God's people are a holy nation and a royal priesthood. As a result, they realize that they should execute their duties in a manner that reflects a life that obeys the covenant with the Lord which is a form of thanksgiving to Him. The knowledge of the sacrament assists the managers in understanding the necessity of initiation through baptism to become a new being. Besides, through the sacrament, they discern the right and the evil. Moreover, the concept of spirituality helps leaders in promoting self-transcending and self-giving in the workplace. Consequently, they give honor to their Creator by doing the right things all the time. Many Biblical chapters also present information regarding how executives should behave in any place of work. From them, one can infer that a true leader has to promote the spirit of togetherness, demonstrate mercy and humility, be responsible and meek, and lead by example.

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