Every person faces up various obstacles during the life. These obstacles, which may result in our achievements or failures, are an important part of our life experience, which forms, transforms us and leads to changes in our outlook. Fortunately, I am lucky to have avoided painful defeats, but there were few situations that made me be who I am now.

When I was in the primary school, my first teacher was very strict. Her severity was bordered on the behavior, which is impossible to adhere to children that need benevolence and kindness. She almost killed my passion to study and visit school, because for me from that time school as institution was associated with fear. Owing to my parents’ maintenance, who always told me that everything was going to change and my will to attain knowledge, I became more confident, strong-willed and ready to deal with different people that I consider to be significant for life in society, which is not homogeneous.

Although I gained an experience in my primary school that made me feel more confident, I still knew that I had a psychological barrier when I needed to perform something in front of   big audience. When I was eight, I took part in one serious contest for young singers in our town. It was my first professional experience and I wanted to do my best in order to win the first prize. While performing a song I was very nervous. I even paid the attention to the great audience, and I felt that I was sinking in it. However, it took not one hour for my teachers and my parents to explain me how to feel and think during the performance, I forgot about the inner concentration and dedication to the spirit of music. My mother told me that it was necessary to me in the respect of changing my guideline. I did not become the first that time. But I attained an invaluable experience and drew the conclusion that the highest value it to be pleased with what you are doing, think about the moment you are living now and be grateful that you are not alone.

These challenges gave me an opportunity to become better and widen my experience. They were not pleasant, but very useful and essential for my further success.

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