The kind of music I listen to is in direct ratio to my disposition. If I do not feel good, I prefer listening to sad songs, which have some underlying meaning, not just a set of sounds and words. These songs help me to withstand the hardships that I face every now and then. They may not necessarily be sad, but it is essential that they have thought-provoking meaning. However, I do not confine myself to listening only to pensive music. When I work out in the gym, I immediately switch over to the up-lifting music. Winter holidays also inspire me to look for some Christmas songs.

  Hip-hop is the first category. I fell in love with this genre, when I was first introduced to it. Its rhythmic beats have immediately fascinated me. Lyrics were so touching and familiar. Eminem stands out from the crowd of the hip-hop artists. He writes about the things that have been accumulating in the inmost recesses of his heart. There is something incredible about the way he pours out his feelings. The unruffled composure, which always accompanies Eminem, is one more thing that I like about him. His songs always make me straighten up, no matter how bad my mood is. Though he dwells upon themes that are not necessarily familiar to a young man of my age, I look for inspiration in them. When I slip into despondency, his music cheers me up.

 Life is a rollercoaster. It is full of moments, when you want to forget about the lyrics and just derive pleasure from the process of listening. Workout in the gym is a sledgehammer argument in furtherance of this idea. If the music is selected correctly, the workout morphs into an “easy promenade” and vice versa. It may seem like I am obsessed with hip-hop only, but it is not true. I like rappers because they are not afraid to buck the system, but I am not oblivious to other genres. It is always up to my mood.  

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