Every person has values, whether in full understanding of them or not. These values range from commonplace to more psychological. For example, one may be punctual and very hardworking whereas somebody else may be caring, self-reliance among other values. Personally I have some values, which I have noted since I was young and I still practice them. I stand for; honesty, integrity, respect, love, friendship, harmony, gratitude, freedom, and helping others.

I strongly adhere to the code of moral and ethical principles. I value conducting myself honestly in whatever I do, without contradicting my words. I believe in walking the talk. This value has helped me to build up trust with many people I interact with. My integrity tells me what I should do or not. Since I was young, integrity taught me to take responsibilities, without necessary waiting for directions from anyone. I understand integrity is the basis of my trust and confidence, thus am conscious about it. Integrity has been the source of my personal strength and gives me courage to undertake any responsibility without fear or favor.

Respect is another value I treasure in my life. While dealing with people, from all range of diversity, have learnt to treat them with consideration and honor. I listen to what they say, consider their views, for I understand every person worth as human beings to be respected. Accepting others is the basis of respect, and as a result, one is able to value others without feeling obligated to embrace all of their opinions.

Love has been a core theme throughout my life. I need to be loved and I also do love. I appreciate those who extend their love to me and I love them back. To love somebody honestly and sincerely I understand is not an easy thing, however God has given me grace of love. Whenever I get an opportunity to interact with others, I express my love and create a warm relation. I love my family and friends and I make sure am available for them when they need me. Anything which they experience, it directly affects me and triggers my love emotions. Love is strong bond of friendship.

Friends are very valuable and important in life. Confidently I can say, as long as we live we will always need friends. I like socializing and I have learnt to make friends wherever I go. This has been of great benefit to me because, at the time of challenges my friends are there to help and encourage me. Friends are always kind and their warms hearts, relieves burdens, and makes one feel honored. It is important to understand that, friends are most valuable treasure one can have and thus investing in them is not a waste.

Harmony has also been a key factor, which has contributed to my achievements. I believe in oneness and whenever I have a responsibility, I normally consult, not because am weak in any way but because I do value the views of others. Even critics are very health, and I do take them positively and work towards improving the situation. I am a team player and I try my level best to be effective within the team by cooperating and extending my support when needed.

Freedom is also another aspect that is truly strong within me. I do value freedom in every aspect of life, ranging from physical freedom to mental freedom. I always like being free when I make any decision. This value has enabled me to have clear directions and express my opinion in any situation honestly.

In conclusion, I can say that my personal values and ethical guidelines have been very important in my life. It is due to these values, that I can’t lie, steal deceive in any way. I have also learnt to respect myself and others enhancing my trustworthy. Therefore, it is important for each person to have personal values and ethical guidelines, which are morally right.

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