Each person has various goals. Thus, it is not a coincidence that ambition plays a critical role in shaping peoples’ lives. I also have to opine that often, I have aspired to advance my organisational skills. Such would allow me to assign people tasks in addition to taking control of any issues that I am assigned. My disposition to organising can be traced back to as early as when I was young. I often displayed high organisational skills while playing. At the same time, I always sought to attain perfection in everything that I did. On this basis, I have arrived at the conclusion that I should study business studies. Focussing on the business field would allow me to develop my leadership skills in addition to positioning strategically in reference to job placements.

My learning experience allows one to see how well I am prepared towards the pursuit of my goals. For instance, I am studying a Bachelor of Science degree course in Accounting & Financial Management at the University of Sheffield Hallam. I have also done foundation classes in Accounting& Finance at the Sino-British College. Besides, I have practical experience working as an intern at FUJITSUin China. Language is a crucial component in the career development process. In this regard, I have enhanced my language proficiency in Mandarin and English. This is critical, as it would prove beneficial whenever I am given international assignments.

Other crucial skills that I have developed include interpretive skills, effective communication, ability to work under pressure, teamwork and IT skills. I have enhanced my levels of comprehension and I am now able to analyze voluminous data. Such is critical in forecasting upon establishing trends. Regarding effective communication, I am able to write in a coherent manner. After working as part of a team, I was able to enhance my negotiation and motivation skills. I also learned how to use financial software such as SAGE. The IT skills are some of those that I have acquired recently.

I also harbour an ambition of working with leading multinationals, preferably, HSBC. Towards achieving this end, securing an internship at the corporation could be helpful. Working at the organisation as an intern is instrumental in shaping my development as a leader. Nonetheless, pursuing higher education is the surest way to achieve these targets. Although several challenges could be encountered, I intend to remain committed towards the cause.

Besides the attributes of leadership, knowledge and abilities are useful in establishing leadership within organizations. I also possess other skills which could be beneficial to the unit. I have the uncanny ability to resolve issues depending on a prevailing situation. In order to apply such skills effectively, I have learnt a number of novel ideas.

Establishing and defining the logic of mission is quite useful. I set objectives, priorities, as well as, standards with team members. I communicate these goals to all team members to ensure that each person clearly understands them. One thing that gives me more encouragement as a leader is the understanding of the level of talent that is at work in my camp. I accept leadership as a responsibility as opposed to a rank. I know that it was not because one is the best that he becomes the leader. Instead, it is mainly because among the many talented group members each individual has to be a leader. This gives me the freedom to work with other talented and capable individuals from any team without having any fear.

I would also like to focus on the question of performance at different levels within various disciplines or services. It is evident that top performers always adhere to rules and guidelines that are offered by their employers or regulatory organizations. Thus, it is discernable that individuals who pursue excellence in their work need to observe work guidelines. This is an issue that I understand and remain fully committed to. However, in practice, it is highly unlikely that top performers are perfect. Although, being imperfect, the top performers often seek for improvement in their work delivery. Nevertheless, the top performers also have a bad day at work when they encounter challenges but fail to deliver as expected. It is also worth noting that top performers may also underperform when tackling routine tasks. Thus, it is clearly demonstrated that blips occur. The blips are not reserved for poor performers. However, what separates top achievers from poor performers is the tenacity or the ability to rise again. Given my record at the Forces, I am inclined to comment that I have always worked with a high level of dedication as well as commitment. My goal has always remained serving our society diligently. Towards this end, I have often endeavored to play my part by observing all provisions within organizational frameworks. As realized, top performers are never perfect. Instead, they always pursue perfection. Thus, I intend to follow on the footsteps of high achievers by pursuing perfection. I have learned that no excuse is good enough to allay the negative consequences of disobeying guidelines. Thereby, as a top performer, I intend to use this experience to improve my relevancy to any organization I work for.

The organizational environment is dynamic. The implication is that most organizational aspects keep shifting. In light of this, each player in the environment needs to cope or be phased out. Consequently, I have had to constantly keep pace with the changes. In this regard, I intend to hone my information gathering skills. In the same breath, I intend to enhance or improve my conflict resolution skills. This is necessary since I work in an environment that is fraught with challenges that could possibly escalate to problems. Working in a team requires one to have conflict resolution skills, which are necessary in resolving any issues that emerge.

Burns (1978) spoke highly about ambition being a pillar in the pursuit of success. Focusing on leadership, he held that, irrespective of the size of a team or an organization that one is in charge of, ambition is critical. It is evidently clear that the any business should have a vision. This is, however, meaningless if a team lacks a leader without ambition. I figure a setting where in a short time I would play a critical role in enhancing task performance within our unit by serving both as a role model and as a leader.

Self-confidence equally plays an influential role in ensuring fast learning in the areas of difficulties. Heller and Till (1982) described self-confidence as a fundamental attribute that enhanced the gaining of knowledge and skills necessary while taking the key decisions. Whenever I work in a team, members are greatly influenced by the levels of confidence shown when extending directions or whenever seeking assistance from me. Further, my seniors replicated this as they approved the way I discharged my duties. However, I intend to increase my levels of confidence.

My levels of honesty and integrity remain high although improvements are possible. Honesty and integrity traits are very important for any individual who anticipates winning both the support and trust of the colleagues. It is common for colleagues to give their best towards assessing their peers’ levels of honesty. The most preferable way used to establish honest and integrated relationship between colleagues is evaluating the members’ ability to keep their word. It is very significant that a person ensures that before making any promise to team members, he/she should establish the ability to keep his word. This aspect of leadership allows a person to earn the support of team members as well as that of senior colleagues.

What I have learnt is that dynamism is heavily influential. Thus, when pursuing career growth, I need to be keen in order to understand the changes that take place at all levels. I have also learnt to value the role of working as an intern. Such an activity is crucial in gaining the necessary experience that is critical in task execution.

In my view, the most important thing that I have learned about myself is that working within an organizational setup is highly challenging. At the same time, I have learnt that other people play an important role in shaping the development of others. In particular, colleagues at the place I worked as an intern were helpful to me. I hold that interpretive skills, effective communication, ability to work under pressure, teamwork and IT skills are some of the most critical skills I have learned which could be useful in the future. The aspects that I have learned centre on the practical aspects of work. These aspects are important in shaping how I respond to questions in academic platforms. The same also guide me in learning since I am able to ask my instructors questions that are more relevant.

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