On the point of view of a tourist or even diplomat, Saudi Arabia is rather an isolated than a hospitable state. It is curious that extremely old ways and traditions chime in with the contemporary concepts of world-organization. Despite the fact that local hotels are always filled to capacity, there is a number of alterations that should be made to Saudi Arabia.

If I were in the shoes of the King of Saudi Arabia or in those of any other member of the decision-making elite, I would recommend that the Kingdom abrogate the law prohibiting women from driving a car in the first place. However, it is not a good timing right now to make amendments to this law. If women start driving their cars immediately, they may be stopped and beaten. In order to remedy such atrocities, the long-standing need for proper education must be met. It is essential that educational system of Saudi Arabia be changed. Current emphasis of educational system on the religious studies contributes to the dissemination of fundamentalist ideology among teenagers, which results in the incipience of terrorism and distortion of the Koran’s veritable meaning. Instead of dissipating its intellectual sinews on memorizing the quotes of the unknown origin, the students should be encouraged to think outside the box. Moreover, students should be able to study English with English-speaking teachers from the very first years in school. Another problem that the Saudis have to resolve is the lack of a tried-and-true constitution, which would give equal rights to men and women, and would serve as a competent guidance for civil law and political culture. After having tackled injustice, I would embark on the reformation of transport infrastructure of the Kingdom. Despite the general image of Saudi Arabia as a wealthy state, its railroad communication is not developed sufficiently. Construction of more railways is of utmost importance. On the other hand, public transport buses connect almost all populated areas in the Kingdom. Nevertheless, it is important to bring the Saudi Arabia public transport bus service to perfection.

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