Every day we encounter a great number of situations of choice, which influence our perception of world and lead to the changes in our personal attitude towards various issues. It happens due to our essential intellectual capability – reflection, which means the inner contemplation and comprehension of our personality (our feelings, thoughts and pieces of experience) and outer processes. Therefore, it is significant to try to explore deep dimensions of what happens to us in order to better understand the world and our place in it.

When I was a child, I was very emotional. When I saw a dead bird, injured person or when I knew somebody was ill, I took it very personally. It was very difficult for me to understand why such things happen, why we are not eternal, why breathers suffer, why the life is dualistic. Being worried about all these questions, one day I came to the conclusion, that this dualism, struggle of two principles such as chaos and cosmos is the essential core of our life. We do not have to take it personally; we do not have to think that this imperfection is the reason to consider the life to be senseless. Now I possess another outlook. I am grateful to everything that happens. I do not deny unpleasant situations, even tragic cases that may happen to us, but now I perceive them to be the experience that makes us stronger. Even if we cannot change anything in the objective reality, it is up to us to change our attitude and thus, become wiser and realize our inner potential. We are not omnipotent, but we have a free will and we can decide as well as take responsibility for our decisions. Consequently, even if something does not depend on us, we still can be active via our reasoning.

To sum up, our experience enables us to develop our personality. Experience gives us new knowledge that is always the source for our further inner reflection. With the help of the reflection, we discover our essence and new meanings in the world.

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