I believe life is a journey with I being the driver of my own car. I can take my car to places and I believe my strengths and my determination are my biggest assets. With my confidence I can control my car in the tough driving conditions also. My ability to adapt in all situations acts as fuel to my car. I do not regret from my mistake and in fact I learn from my mistakes. I take every failure as a postponed success; I understand that each of the failure is a dot that I have to connect for a bigger success and a better future.

I believe that if man wants he can certainly work hard and drive through his future. It is all about the choices that we have to make at certain point of our time. My way to make choices is to think with a cool head and calm mind. I also see farsightedness in my decisions and I believe that people should always make decision based on both short term and long-term goals.

I respect my friends and my family members and I listen to them, however when it come to make decision I connect my dots my way and I am proud that my friends and my family members respect me for this. I am a firm believer that my attitude and my focus can bring the desirable change in my future, and therefore I keep on trying harder in my present. It is my will that helps me in connecting my dots and that helps me in integrating my past and present for my future.

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