Personal Essay Writing

A personal essay example found on the web can impress and inspire reasers or encourage them to do something with their lives. Besides, such an essay sample can leave them with a number of unanswered questions concerning personal issues. To be effective in writing this paper, one needs to understand how to write a personal essay and become well versed in the structure. So, look through some personal essay examples or personal essay sample papers on the net and brainstorm ideas on what topic you would like to write the paper.

Personal Essay Writing Tips

Prewriting Stage

  1. Decide on the specific topic you want to discuss in the personal essay example. Your life may be full of drama and life-changinf events or it may be vice versa: you may think for hours what event deserves to appear in your personal essay. All in all, focus on something specific and influenctial.
  2. From many essay writing examples, you must have noticed that personal essays often center on some significant life moments or events. It is a good idea to write about such event that created a sense of conflict. Writing personal essays may help a person critically discuss and evaluate you let a certain event to happen and how you benefited from it regardless of whether it was bad or good back then.
  3. Try to choose an occurrence that provoked a strong emotional response. This is another good tip for writing such Types of essays. Contemplate something that still has an impression on you and evokes special feelings and emotions inside.
  4. Think of a person with whom it was difficult to deal with in your life. Some personal essay topics should concern only people who had some impact on you or who have taught you some things. So, you might as well think of a person who was some kind of techer in your live. Focus on how you ended up in those relations, how you found a way out (if they were strenuous), and how you benefited from them.
  5. Write a response to some current event in your life. Pick up a controversial and debatable topic (some ethical or political burning issue) and write an essay sample on it. Reflect on your position and provide supporting evidence why you think in a particular way.
  6. After deciding on the topic, draft an outline for your example essay, where you structure each section.

Writing Stage

  1. Make the introduction interesting to read. Begin it with an engaging and attention-grabbing opener. Leave some secred hidden or some issue unresolves, as it will make the reasers want to read the paper till the end. Please see some examples of college essays to know how to do it.
  2. Make sure to write from your own perspective and voide your personal opinion. Try to narrate about some events in the present tense as if they are happening to you right now.
  3. If your narration involves some other characters, develop them and provide the necessary details to the readers. Provide examples of specific words they used in their conversation or some details of their speaking manner on the whole.
  4. Ensure proper sequence of events and develop the plot.
  5. If there is some hiden truth behind your story or a secret, make sure you uncover it by the end. See the college essay samples.

Postwriting Stage

  1. Polish your essay and add richness to the language you use. Experiment with different literary formas, devices, and techniques. Make sure you describe everything in great detail.
  2. Read the paper aloud. This strategy will help you notive awakward sentences or some unclear words or phrases.
  3. Revise the paper in terms of content: see whether you have properly discussed the topic, whether it is understandable for readers, whether there are no confusing elements, etc.
General Tips

To better understand the genre of personal writing, try reading masterfully written essays of significant authors: “The Death of a Moth” by Virginia Woolf, “We Do Abortions Here” by Sallie Tisdale, and others.


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