Introductory Paragraph

Communication is one of the most important aspects of human life. The ability to talk to others has become the main distinguishing feature for people concerning their origin, education, social position, etc. The communication goals are various: people use it for information sharing, solving conflicts, assisting people, arguing, questioning, and for any other purposes. However, there are numerous cases when people use poor means of contact with each other. Many negotiations ended because of failure to agree on different issues, some people experience deep depression or worry if they lack simple speaking to others. At the same time, having considered human relations in a more global aspect, it is possible to see that communication’s success can affect the fate of whole countries, up to starting and ending wars. I plan to continue my studies in the sphere of communication to help people agree on several problems, talk out their feelings, and make it a tool for making people satisfied.

The Body of the Personal Statement

My childhood was as ordinary as other children had. The brightest recollection from my childhood refers to the dinners when we discussed our days. My mother always told me that understanding other people was the main aspect of human life, that conversation was important, and only while communicating we could gain an agreement. These words remained in my mind and further, I decided to study this problem in detail using getting a degree in this sphere. Being a psychologist, my mother showed me how to use effective communication means in the real life. I saw how a simple word could become effective in making people agree on a debatable issue. I was impressed how using the words only she could make a person calm down, relax, and feel relief. This is something I want to do, to make people speak to each other as often the ineffective communication makes them spend much time in vain and not be able to compromise on the necessary to both parties issues.

I want to learn the successful means of communication, I want to understand how I can lead effective ones, as I want to help people to reach an understanding in a better way. Effective communication can help people to feel relief in their life situations. I have experience assisting people as a volunteer in the hospital. My responsibilities were to talk to people while their relative was operated. I remember a case with one family who was waiting for their father to have heart surgery. The operation was durative. I came to the family and asked them about their father. I tried to shift the discussion to their family values and in several minutes we were discussing the problems of the modern education of immigrants. I noticed how Jack, the son, looked at the doors of the operational room from time to time, but he was still interested in the discussion and I could not notice any grief on his face. The operation ended in 6 hours, some problems appeared while operation but those were not serious and everything passed successfully.

Concluding Paragraph

I am planning to continue my study in the sphere of communication. From the very childhood, I was sure that effective discussion could save the world. I know for sure that the experience I have obtained and the future knowledge I can get will help me to assist different people. I plan to use my knowledge in conflict solving issues where my knowledge in communication can be helpful to people.

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