Personal Statement for College Application

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Introductory Paragraph

Since childhood, my parents were telling me about all of my family member’s hopes. All my brothers and sisters had very high expectations of me. They saw me excelling in my studies and future career. Generally, all of cousins were unsuccessful in life. They failed to get excellent grades in school despite the guidance of the elders. Therefore, my family wanted me to compensate for their low performance and become excessively successful in life. I am the youngest member in our family. My parents have always thought that letting me know all the mistakes that my cousins made in their education would make me successful. Of course, it is true that a wise man should learn from other people’s mistakes. Personal mistakes can sometimes be fatal giving no room for recovery. Thus, I found the enlightening about the areas of caution very beneficial.

The Body of Personal Statement

My father is the owner of a big publishing company with 150 workers. Since he is a boss in his business, people expect me to be better than sons and daughters of the workers. Thus, I already had the bar set so high and ought to justify other people’s hopes and trust. This means that I have grown up in a stressful environment. It is vital to note that my parents never knew of the pressure and stress that I faced due to their expectations. The bosses’ children always meet a higher demand for excellence. However, I noticed that the children from poor backgrounds always have a stronger determination compared to those from rich homes. Poverty and affliction are better motivators than wealth and fame. Nevertheless, I took the challenge and worked towards achieving excellence. I appreciate the encouragement and insight that I received from my family.

My father used to pick me every day after school. I deeply appreciate those moments as they made me learn a lot from him. We bonded and had a strong emotional tie. My father was usually telling his own life story on our way from school. The objective of the stories was to advise me on the issues of life. I loved the mentorship spirit of my dad. He always highlighted that I should take my own path in life. My father made me realize the value of hard work and determination. He told me how he achieved success through his hard work. Therefore, my father encouraged me also to work hard and become a person deserving respect. He gave me examples of people who were lazy and ended up in poverty.

Concluding Paragraph

After living in this environment for 15 years, I finally made the decision to approach my family and let them know how I felt about their demands. I told them that I appreciated their desire for me to succeed. I was happy that they wanted the best for me. Nevertheless, I gathered all my courage and informed them that their demands had sometimes put pressure on me. It is good for parents to raise their children in excellence. Demands for performance should, however, be moderated. Children should be allowed to be children. Comparing one child to another is not fair as it makes the former to role play instead of being real and true. My family encouraged me to work hard; however, I realized that the values of honesty, integrity, and trust are as necessary in life as being hardworking. Now, I am determined about my future thanks to the input of my parents and family.

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