Introductory Paragraph

Being an artist is like looking at the world through a new set of lenses and being able to explore existing concepts. Creating works of art is a liberating ability allowing one to express some of their innermost thoughts, fears, and aspirations. While growing up, I had a problem with concentrating on my studies. I was consistently getting distracted by other things in my immediate surroundings. This affected my performance and my self-esteem too. I started skipping classes and spending more time locked up in my room. Since I had nothing else, which could occupy my mind more pleasantly than the art I was able to create, I started painting more. This, however, had to remain as a hobby since academic excellence in China did not include my artistic talents and interests. However, once in high school, I met Mrs. Chen, an amazing art teacher, who encouraged me to nurture my talent and focus on painting.

The Body of the Personal Statement

With all this encouragement and the amount of practice I was able to get, I spent a lot of my time while studying in high school creating new pieces of art. I could spend countless hours losing track of time and simply living in my own creations. Starting from scratch, I tend to enjoy the process of creating art, developing the idea until it became a feasible project, and working on it to completion. I derive satisfaction from knowing that I can tap into my creativity and come up with something uniquely beautiful. With this in mind, I believe that while I started painting being a young person, high school experiences enabled me to grow as an artist and develop the desire to pursue visual arts as a major.

Design is a crucial component of art considering that it also enables one to apply his or her creativity and come up with a project that is unique and beautiful. To develop an art piece, I often have to think through the basic components of the idea concerning the design. I have to think through the colors that I will use, the blends that will look better, and even the medium considering that each of them has a unique attribute that makes it relevant for one creation and not for another. My high school art teacher, Mrs. Chen, always emphasized the need to be patient while designing an art piece. She always reminded me of the importance of having a clear picture of what I want to create in my mind before setting out to do it. With a clear vision, there comes a definite goal, and thus a clear path towards attaining it. Studying design will help me to become an impeccable artist considering that I will be able to appreciate the planning process as I embark on an art project.

I am a vivacious personality that makes it difficult for me to focus on one thing. Everything else that I do tend to be broken into parts seeing as I keep getting distracted. However, when I start painting, it feels like everything around me ceases to exist, and I can focus on my creative piece for as long as I have to. This means that art is the only thing that can fully capture my attention and allow me to finish a full project without getting distracted unnecessarily and too frequently. In case I came back to China, it may have been a big problem owing to the Chinese educational system, which emphasizes academic excellence regardless of one’s artistic orientation. As I join the American educational system, I believe that my ability to focus on art will be a great advantage especially with my major in visual arts and design.

While studying in China middle school, I used to practice calligraphy a lot. I even won the highest level certificate of calligraphy designed for young people in China. While studying in high school, I was able to focus on art with a growing prowess in oil painting and photography. Some of my works were even featured in Chinese art exhibitions especially concerning calligraphy and painting. I believe that my greatest achievement is the 10-meter-long scroll of calligraphy that I was able to finish. Concerning my extracurricular indulgences, I have been volunteering for different projects for a few years. Currently, I volunteer for a church where I work with children and do face painting to keep them happy and entertained. The main objective for me is making people feel the warmth inside, making them smile, and spreading love and joy. I am also relatively active considering that I play tennis. Studying in China high school, I also used to act in class productions.

The Concluding Paragraph

The past year has been a completely new experience for me seeing as I was being exposed to an entirely new culture. I have had to learn how to communicate with people in a different cultural context. I have made new friends and I have come to understand my surroundings very well. Currently, I am very independent seeing as I run my own errands, take drives through the countryside for the fresh air when I can, and even attend to my burst tires among other things. With more time, I believe I will be able to fully blend in and live comfortably in the US.

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