Introductory Paragraph

Since childhood, I have wanted to become a prominent public administrator. My goal is to be a distinguished public administrator in the country as well as beyond its borders. To achieve this dream, I must obtain a postgraduate degree in public administration to start this long journey. Upon graduating with a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree, I can pursue a doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in public administration as well as joining a professional public administration body such as the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA), which can provide me with current and up-to-date information about the public administration field. I also intend to work in a reputable organization that will facilitate my personal growth and advancement in the public administration career. As I advance, I would like to be an investment consultant and a senior researcher in public administration.


The Body of the Personal Statement

The main reason why I want to pursue an MPA degree is that I have a genuine passion for both public and private investment, and the formulation and implementation of public policies. I have worked in various investment organizations where I became aware of my investment interest. During these engagements, I learned how to invest precisely and how to respond to difficult administrative challenges. I gained useful investment skills as well as valuable knowledge of public administration, which I believe will be beneficial not only to my career in public administration but also for other key areas of my life.

My interests in investment and public administration arose several years ago when I was an undergraduate student of Bachelor of Business Administration at the Hauzhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China. I realized that I have a genuine desire to help people invest and increase their wealth. I also have a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Johnson and Wales University, Providence that provides a solid basis for obtaining such education.


How the MPA Program Will Assist My Future Career Development

The MPA program will help me deal with various issues affecting people in society by seeking appropriate solutions through critical thinking, proper analysis of the problems, and sound decision making. The MPA program is useful in areas such as public finance administration and governance. It will also enable me to acquire competencies in the management of both public and private organizations allowing me to contribute to the public policy processes. The MPA program can also help me develop essential communication and interpersonal skills that will enable me to interact appropriately with diverse groups and in diverse settings in society. The MPA program can facilitate my future career development by acquainting me with essential public service skills and values such as accountability, transparency, respect for citizens’ privacy, and ethical actions among others. It can also provide opportunities for research in public administration that will enhance my understanding of the public administration field.

Moreover, investing in the United States is a major challenge to many individuals as well as corporations. It is influenced by several factors such as foreign exchange rates and public policies that require deeper understandings. Therefore, by taking the MPA program, I can gain adequate knowledge of investing in the U.S. It will enable me to deeply understand other people’s investment needs. With vast experience and knowledge in investment management and administration, I will be able to assist people to understand investment opportunities in the U.S. It will also enable me to fully understand the functioning of the federal, state, and local governments in the U.S. Similarly, it will enable me to gain a deeper understanding of public policies and the public systems in the U.S.


Consequently, I will be able to make more accessible and effective decisions as a public administrator. For me, there is a distinct need for the American people to become more educated and to benefit from government activities. Thus, the MPA program will assist me to improve the quality of public administration in the country by redefining my leadership, management, and administration skills.

Looking at my past education and experience, I am convinced that I possess the qualities needed to succeed in the investment and public administration fields. Thus, I will make a great investment in being a consultant and public administrator after completing my studies and receiving appropriate training. I also believe that I will be able to maintain and improve those qualities whenever possible.

Public administration is one of the professions that I have always regarded with great reverence and veneration. It has a unique ability to accord people an opportunity to promote good governance in society. Therefore, public administration is the most suitable profession that can provide me with an opportunity to promote transparency and accountability in governance.

For me, pursuing an MPA degree can help to gain not only theoretical knowledge about public administration but also practical experiences through internships within the public and private sectors. I am convinced that the roles of a public administrator are numerous and that their work can be very challenging and hectic at times. However, I believe that with the right attitude and determination, I will be able to overcome these challenges and excel in my public administration career. Moreover, I highly enjoy working with people. Helping people also figures prominently in my social values and life desires and goals.


The Concluding Paragraph

To conclude, I am highly aware of the hurdles and hustles faced by public administrators, and my conversations with several public administrators who have worked for years deepen my understanding and interest in the public administration profession. I am self-assured and ready to get on with the public administration profession and the way of life it encompasses. Lastly, I hope I will be accorded an opportunity to pursue my dream career at your esteemed institution.

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