Introductory Paragraph

I study in London College of Fashion (LCF). I like my college as its curricula are focused mostly on the development of ideas: teachers and students use fashion along with historical and cultural practice to solve social, political and ethical problems. London College of Fashion stimulates creative development and serious preparation of the professional skills. It is focused on professionalism, creation of the inspiring educational environment where students can gain theoretical and practical skills in combination with understanding of a cultural context in which the fashionable industry works.

The Body of the Personal Statement

I was taking the course called “International Introduction to the Study of Fashion” (IISF) during 2014-2015 academic year. Despite the fact that I like my college a lot, I enjoyed neither the course, nor its content, nor tasks, because I am not fond of drawing. In addition, I do not have enough inspiration for drawing. The colors seem pale to me. Moreover, I do not have a desire to create and to draw. Then, in order to study further and to be inspired by what I do I took the course “Fashion Business”. However, I did not succeed in it as well because I hate numbers. They make my life monotonous, I get tired fast and the desire to study disappears.

Despite these not always successful attempts to study in London College of Fashion, I found the course, which I took like a duck to water. It is “Fashion Media Course”, and I found myself in it. I am good at editing pictures, creating pages and layouts. I am fond of modern technologies in computer design and e-commerce. The academic year 2014-2015 taught me a lot about the fashion industry and the use of computer programs like Photoshop. Another fact, which stimulates me to become a professional in the sphere of fashion PR and media, is that my father works in the press company. I see a living example of a goal-oriented personality, who made a successful career in his sphere of interest and continues developing himself. Thus, all these facts of my biography guided me to choose “Media and Communication in Fashion” course.

I do want to study fashion media and communication, because for me fashion industry is a creation of a fashionable product in the broadest sense of this word. The spacious borders of the fashion industry include everybody, who is involved in the “birth” of new collections of clothes, footwear and accessories. Fashion is a talent of a designer combined with the professionalism of a producer and a competent PR campaign. It is an unconditional factor of structuring public taste and incentive of mass consumption; its influence goes beyond the formation of individual preferences on the subjects of fashionable clothes. The sphere of its influence is not limited to the framework of the distribution of esthetic ideals or art samples.

Fashion cannot function successfully without mass media. PR-campaigns and media “twirl a wheel” of fashion. Therefore, I would like to study fashion media and communication. I put the following tasks for my further promotion in the sphere of fashion media and communication:

  • To find integrated solutions for the implementation of the successful communication program, including the work with traditional and new media, experimental and mobile channels;
  • To introduce the modern strategy of a brand promotion in a network and to use my unique development in the field of digital PR, which will allow to understand the better preferences of target audience, identify and involve the opinions of online leaders into the work;
  • To remain at the peak of the technologies that form and change the habits and preferences of the audience.

Fashion media and PR bring pleasure to me, as I am a very communicative person and I have never thought before that the pleasure from communication with people and embodiment of interesting ideas in life can become my future profession and bring money as a result. Communication with people inspires me and gives the room for creativity. I am a person, who has an ease of speaking with people, and who knows the communicative technologies. I have a high level and expressiveness of communicative features, which, in my opinion, compose the precondition of the successful professional activity of any specialist and career growth. Thus, I can easily define the communication purposes, the ability to organize communication space, to agree on the information in communication, to consider communication time, to control the energy of communication, etc. In order to build an effective communication, I possess such qualities as sincerity, restraint, steadiness, openness, a lack of suspiciousness, etc.

Moreover, extraordinary personalities motivate me to put higher goals and to do my best to achieve them. Fashion, media and PR make a strong influence on a person in the modern world. The contemporary rules of fashion and business allow selling air for big money with the help of PR and media. Therefore, the most important factor is my belief in myself. Apart from that, I am not able to deceive people. To my mind, these two factors compose the professional secret of a specialist in fashion media and communication.

Speaking of myself, I put the goal to be as successful in my life as possible, and I confidently move forward to it. I want to do something for the world, to make it better and more fashionable. Of course, these words may seem rather high-flown, but I am sure in it, and I will do my best to learn the experience of the fashion PR and communications in London College of Fashion, and to share my ideas of the future life possibilities with my associates in college. My life motto is “I want, I can, and I will do”. I am a curious individuality, interested in everything around me, especially everything that concerns fashion and media. I want to become a qualified specialist in fashion media and PR, and to make a successful career in this sphere.

The Concluding Paragraph

I am a very hard-working personality. I am active, initiative, flexible, enthusiastic and obsessed with the working process. Except the desire to do what I really like and want, a hard-worker includes such qualities as professionalism and ability to come to the reasonable, optimum organization of work. However, I differentiate the concepts “a hard-worker” and “a workaholic”. A workaholic is the one, for whom the quantity of work is most important, while I refer myself to “a hard-worker” category. For me, a work is desired; I do want to work in the sphere I love - to go to favorite work and to come back with pleasure. I consider myself to be an integral personality, who receives pleasure from bringing benefits to people and who cares for the satisfaction of own emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs.

In me, you will find a social and friendly personality, who is able to settle quickly to a new environment. Moreover, I am highly responsible and disciplined personality. Apart from that, I am a very motivated student, I like what I do, and I will master the skills in communication and media. However, I need only one thing to make my dream come true - I want to apply for the course “Fashion Media and Communication”, receive good education, which will expand my horizon and will help me to succeed in life.

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