Introductory Paragraph

The choice of education in life plays a crucial role as it has a direct impact on one person’s career and future. In the following paper, I would like to give my personal statement as an undergraduate student and mention a positive impact the institution I have decided to enroll in, have made on me.

The Body of the Personal Statement

I am Chinese by nationality, and have started my education in Hong Kong, but right after one year of studies I was transferred to Singapore secondary school. When I had a choice of depicting science or history studies, I have chosen the second option, as I am genuinely interested in my native country’s history, as well as world and culture. The knowledge of history helps a person to broaden one’s knowledge about the world. I am inclined to say that this knowledge is important to develop insight, analytical and critical skills.

However, the reasons related to my transfer to Singapore were mostly of organizational nature, as the semester in Hong Kong started at the end of August and in Singapore in January. Moreover, I made up my mind that English would be an important part of my future career and only Singapore had classes with two official languages. It was strategically sensible for me at that age and time of my life to take a decision to study English, which I would be proud of for the rest of my life.

Upon enrolling, I had a choice of three options, which were Singapore Cambridge GCE O level, London Examinations- IGCSE and AUSMAT Year 9&10. I opted for IGCSE, as their studying approach was much more useful for me because of the fact that they taught such important subject as accounting and commerce starting with basic concepts. On the contrary, GCE O had classes targeting student with already profound knowledge of the mentioned subject, and AUSMAT did not offer business classes, which were strategically important to me.

Actually, I had a half of year break up after I had graduated, which let me collect my thoughts about my future path, but I did not waste my time and attended English classes for five months at Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS). I took the life-changing decision when I have made up my mind to go to Seattle and take Associate of Arts degree and Major Business at central community college.

I have plans to build my career in management, as my major is business. However, I understand that I can not reach top positions right after graduation and experience plays a very important part in one’s career, which is why I want to try myself helping my uncle, who owns a few casinos in Asia. Human resources management and investment strategies would be areas where I would like him to take me to work. This type of job would help me to get the needed knowledge in order to run my own business in a couple of years. The combination of the skills that I have learned during obtaining my degree and real-time experience would help me to achieve that goal. My choice of Milgard School of Business of UW Tacoma was made because it has one of the best-known business schools in USA. Moreover, it is about not only the subjects and classes, but also the people with whom I would attend the studies. People who surround you are valuable as they directly influence your thoughts and choices, and I am confident that I can meet some remarkable personalities among peers as well as among professors who would share their knowledge with me.

I can definitely claim that both Chinese and American cultures have influences my life the most. Besides of the language and religion, the Chinese had a very big impact on my cultural believes in relation to arts, as it always was very spiritual and mysterious. In Chinese culture, faith and trust play a very important part, which is why I had certain resemblance on my personal development. I want people to respect me and trust me, so in order to achieve that I treat everyone with equal respect and politeness. The social status, gender, nationality or race of a person do not matter for me, as everyone deserves to be heard. The policy of the Chinese government related to restriction on bearing more than one child had made a significant impact on my future understanding of the family. I also value loyalty and think that challenge and moderate amount of stress are an integral part of business all over the world.

The culture of USA has also stunned me, as this is a land of freedom and liberties, where you get a feeling that all dreams can come true if you work hard enough to achieve them. The acquaintance with American culture has changed my personality into a more positive one, as I have started to be more open and friendly with people. It also helped me to understand the importance of flexibility, time-management and resilience. Stress is part of life but it is up to a person how he deals with it. I see American culture as a very comfortable for me.

The Concluding Paragraph

If to speak about personal challenges that were related to my education, I would say that those were mainly about my family. My parents are very nice people, but unfortunately they did not have an opportunity to graduate from the high schools and I could not rely on their help in studies. My sister was studying abroad while I was in elementary school, so I had to cope with the studies all by myself. It was challenging but useful for me.

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