Introductory Paragraph

The field of speech-language pathology seems to be the most attractive field of study to me because it offers services necessary to support individuals with speech and swallowing disorders. These disorders create a serious problem with communication that affects people and their lives. Therefore, speech-language pathologists use their knowledge and experience to support affected individuals and treat their disorders. My interest in the field dates back to my childhood when one of my cousins was suffering a lot from speech-language disorders. Since then, I have decided to become an expert in this profession to help people with similar disabilities.


The Body of the Personal Statement

The research asserts that speech-language pathologists work with a wide range of clients including babies and adults who experience communication and language problems because of different reasons (Flasher and ? Fogle, 2011). Therefore, my role will be to identify these people and make a diagnosis that encourages them to implement a proper treatment. I am looking forward to operating with every patient individually developing separate programs for each client. The career of a speech-language pathologist appeals to me because I can work as a member of a team where different opinions matter. Thus, my perfect communicative skills will encourage to interacting not only with clients but also with other health care professionals such as psychiatrist and neurologist. My desire to become a speech-language pathologist is determined by my inclination to help others communicate better to improve their quality of life.

Dealing with people enables health care professionals to be part of collaborative care teams where each member knows how to support patients and their families (Brookshire, 2014). During my volunteer work in a foster home this summer, I have a challenging collaborative experience with children of various ages living with foster parents. One girl at the age of 9 had speech-language pathologies and felt uncomfortable among the rest of the children. Her foster parents seemed to be unaware of how to help her to communicate with other children because of her disability. To improve her personal conditions, I tried to inform them about the treatment and the role each of them should play in her recovery because all of them can support her emotionally. In my opinion, I helped the girl by allowing adults and children to ask me questions concerning their behavior and their role as team members.


My enthusiasm to help people with speech-language pathologies makes me a good match for your program that is congruent with the occupation I am looking for. My previous experiences and knowledge in the field have prepared me to work with disabled people, especially in a school environment. I am sure that my positive personality traits, creativity, compassion, responsibility, and perfect communication skills would allow me to become a perfect match for the position. I am a good match because I’m compassionate, bilingual, motivating, patient, creative, organized, and perseverant and can bring these to the field. My ability to speak Spanish can help me to communicate with clients who speak Spanish only and need assistance in their native language. Moreover, my advanced computer skills would allow me to implement technology during therapy.

Concluding Paragraph

I am sure that my strong desire to help people with speech-language pathologies enables me to enter your program where I can receive education and career opportunities in the future. My professional goal is to become a speech pathologist that evaluates and treats bilingual clients with an emphasis on Spanish, in a public school setting eventually leading to private practice. My academic goal is to attain professional knowledge and practice that allows me to become an excellent specialist in the field. Moreover, I want to go as far as a doctorate and hope my dreams will come true.


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