Introductory Paragraph

It was an acquaintance of mine who first introduced me to Santa Clara University. As I was considering good educational establishments for my future studies, I happened to talk to him about his experience in SCU. As someone aiming for a management major, I was impressed with my friend’s stories because he, as a management student, was studying everything he needed for his future career as well as getting a lifetime experience on campus. I talked to him for quite some time to learn more about Santa Clara University from the inside as well as see whether it was the right university for me. I started my own research and decided to visit the university myself. As a result, I found that the university was exactly the place I wanted to study at.


The Body of the Personal Statement

I had an opportunity to visit the campus, and I was impressed by the atmosphere there. I saw many students studying and enjoying themselves at the same time, and the experience was so overwhelming that it determined my university choice. I really enjoyed the garden at the campus, and I liked the fact that beauty was so close to science. I liked that the university broke traditional stereotypes and made me expand my worldview. I was able to see a balanced educational life which was filled with fun activities, spiritual events, and beautiful things that energized the SCU’s students as well as visitors. One of the things that influenced me the most was the conversation I happened to have with one of the students who was enjoying her time near the garden. The openness of the university was an important reason for choosing it as my future educational establishment.

During my research, I learned much about the university, especially about the key ideas of its vision. I believe the SCU’s vision suits the people who are yet to discover their future paths because it serves as guidelines when making important decisions. Conscience is rather vital, especially in the spheres that are stereotypically viewed as pragmatic and calculative. People often overlook moral and ethical principles in their professional lives because they have never learned these things at schools since most business teachers and professionals focus on other aspects instead of ethics. Therefore, new generations think not about individuals but pragmatic issues; they lose all compassion and humanity and act against conscience. As a future manager, I would like to contribute to the change of the current state of affairs, and my experience at Santa Clara University would strengthen my determination as well as provide me with more knowledge and ideas. I believe that all people despite their professions can be compassionate and conscious regarding others and society in general.


Conclusion Paragraph

I choose Santa Clara University since its vision and ideals appeal to my inner beliefs and convictions. It does not matter whether a person is a manager or a social worker; he or she can still contribute to a better society. It is important for me that I share this belief and passion for people with the university of my choice. For me, the university’s vision serves as a guide. I want to meet the many people at Santa Clara University who share similar beliefs, and with whom I would be able to cooperate and do something for improving and changing the world.

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