Introductory Paragraph

My fascination with medicine emerged when I was still a child. When I was 12 years old, I went to Canada to experience a new world for the first time. On my way to Canada, there was an announcement in the airplane that crews are looking for a physician. When the physician showed up to help the patient who needed urgent care, I was amazed at his job. I actually thought that being a physician could be a great job for me. It was the first time when I thought about becoming a physician. After I had finished my studies in Canada, I came back to Korea.


The Body of the Personal Statement

Still, that childish fascination was not enough to make me choose it as my career path. I forgot about my desire to become a physician because I was uncertain about me getting over all the challenges that I am going to face when I go to medical school. Yet, I was soon to realize that I wanted to become a physician more than anything in the world. It was the time when my family first moved to the United States in 2007. At that time, my family was having a hard time. We were experiencing all the possible hardships that people have when trying to settle down in the new world. To make matters worse, my mother got severely sick, and she became my motivation to become a physician. She started losing her weight, and she ended up losing almost 30 lbs. When people hear this, they might say why we did not go to a hospital to get her treated but at that time, we could not afford it.

Among all the hardships, the most painful one was the financial hardship. My father’s cleaner was about to go out of business, and this was the time when my family could not look for any hope. In this situation, there was nothing we could do without money. We did not have insurance, and we did not know anyone in our area. My mother’s sickness was getting worse and all I could do was pray. I hated myself so much because I could not do anything for her. It was a time when I strongly felt that I wanted to become a doctor for myself and my family. Back then, I also felt a burning desire to become a physician to help other people in need.


Even though my mother had recovered, this desire is still going strong in me. There are people in our society who are experiencing the worst time of their life, and I believe that they will be looking for someone who can reach out their hands to them. Also, some people cannot get basic medical care. Nobody wants to be sick and being sick is not a crime. If I become a physician, I want to reach out to people who really need my help. The fact that people cannot get medical care because they do not have money is unfair and not acceptable for me.

Concluding Paragraph

That is why I want to become a physician, someone who can make a difference in one’s life. Depending on how physicians cope with their responsibilities, a patient can acquire a better life or not. I am reinforced in my views every time I go to volunteer or shadowing and see patients leaving the hospital or clinic with a satisfied face. Physicians can save human lives, and that is a great privilege. Getting into medical school will make me a better and more responsible person having the privilege of saving someone’s life. If I get into medical school, I would like to be a doctor that works with the blind. I want to reach out to those having hard times getting through their life. Like the physician whom I saw on the airplane, I want to be in every place that calls for my help.


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