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Introductory Paragraph

One of the abilities that I have possessed since a young age is making appropriate connections depending on the prevailing situation. I have always been a fan of fluent communication as a way of influencing people to act. Communication remains a significant aspect of marketing and contributed significantly to my interest to venture into marketing. The idea of using different marketing techniques to ensure proper information channels to the customers is always intriguing. During my life, I have always seen myself as an excellent persuader. I have strived hard to improve the ability by always trying to find new means of influencing the actions of other people. Even my colleagues at school recognized my abilities and saw them as an asset. For example, during my high school life, event organizers always invited me to develop the themes of the events.


The Body of the Personal Statement

My Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics works as an appropriate background for my integrated marketing graduate course. The course has exposed me to the economic aspects of the business world. Apart from the degree, I have undertaken other courses including research and data analysis. The course complements marketing because of the field’s demands for continuous research. In the current organizational setup, accommodating diversity is one of the tools for achieving global status. Therefore, accepting diversity is necessary for all organizations. I have enriched my diverse qualities by studying different languages including English, Chinese, and Korean. Moreover, my experience in working in China and studying in the United States has enriched me with the necessary outlook of the diverse world.

In terms of experience, I have a background in the marketing field through a sales internship with Hyundai Motor Company. Some of my responsibilities included explaining the details of the vehicles to the clients and continue being in contact with the customers. The duties helped me learn about consumer behavior, thus raising my curiosity to expound on marketing. To show my excellence in the field, it should be noted that my internship period was successful because I managed to sell five cars in three months. I had not studied a marketing-related unit before I enrolled at college. However, my economics course had some marketing-related units. I encountered such concepts as marketing theories that I found interesting, thus raising the desire to know more about the field. I started looking up television advertisements, marketing-related academic resources, and other aspects of marketing techniques. Everything came to reality when I enrolled for the sales internship.


I settled for NYU after spending a considerable amount of time searching for the right university. I intend to study at the institution because of the school’s remarkable record. NYU’s business school has established itself as a major force in the enterprise world. The Integrated marketing package of the university is impressive. I had the opportunity to visit the campus, and the school’s facilities were convincing enough. I also gained an insight into the institution’s reputable lecturers due to their high level of skills, dedication, and passion. Moreover, the school offers a chance for the students to interact with the corporate world, an aspect that makes the program realistic.

I have the ambition to have a successful marketing career that will propel me up in the industry. I aim at establishing my own marketing agency after gaining relevant experience in the corporate world. My ambition is to make an impact in the industry, and I can only achieve it by joining the right institution. The university will help me gain knowledge on the broad concepts of marketing at both local and international levels. The University will give me the chance to interact with reputable professors and students in the marketing field. The interaction will enable me to look at integrated marketing from different angles, thus enriching me with adaptable marketing skills.

One of the merits of the program is that it offers skills that will always be marketable and relevant despite the changes in time. Marketing will continue to be an important aspect of the business world, and the increasing competition makes it even more important. For example, traditional television advertisements are no longer appealing, and other forms such as social media advertising have taken over. Studying the course is also an added advantage because it will ensure the incorporation of all types of marketing. As a result, I will have the insight and the required creativity to respond to demanding situations in the business context. For example, I will possess the ability to advise a company to use a particular marketing tool and avoid using another one due to the knowledge of the implications of the two.


Concluding Paragraph

During my course, I will contribute to this program by offering my expertise in economics. The two concepts have a relationship because economic business processes achieve success if products reach customers. The marketing techniques that an enterprise employs affect the economic aspect of the enterprise. I will assist fellow students with my knowledge in economics to help integrate the two fields of business. After the completion of the studies, I will enrich the program by participating in forums aimed at improving the program. The course needs continuous improvement due to the constant changes in the business world, and I hope to be a part of the process. My exposure to the corporate world will assist in improving the program’s relevance. Please consider my application because it will aid in achieving my personal ambitions, and it will also act as an opportunity to improve the integrated marketing program.

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