Learn How to Compose an Amazing Personal Statement Essay

A personal statement essay is an essay you have to write when applying to a certain educational institution. Such an essay is a great instrument for stating who you are, what are your career aspirations, and what skills and experiences you have that will be helpful in reaching your personal and professional goals. Usually, it is written adhering to a specific prompt given by a certain college or university.

Being an important part of the application process, a personal statement requires dedication and attention to detail. All personal statements are divided into two major types. The first type implies a general demonstration of skills, achievements, and personal qualities that can help the applicant succeed in a particular educational institution. Another type assumes answering a specific prompt. For instance, you may be asked to write your personal statement about the event, which helped you develop your critical thinking skills.

A personal essay is quite different from other academic papers. First and foremost, it has a unique purpose – to demonstrate all the important strengths of the applicant. Second, it should sound very personal and appealing. Third, underestimating the value of personal statement writing, the student may fail the whole application process. If you lack sufficient writing experience or skills, let us provide you with the essential information that will help you boost your writing competence. Create an amazing personal statement essay and impress the application committee members!

How Long Should a Personal Statement Be?

The first problem encountered by the students working on a personal statement is that they do not know how long should a personal statement be. The ideal length of your personal statement depends on the requirements of the educational institution you apply to. Whereas some colleges require only 500-word personal statements, others ask the applicants to submit 1000-word application essays. As you can see, there are no common guidelines about the length of the personal statement. If you are not sure how long your personal statement should be, we recommend you to read your prompt carefully as it will definitely contain the word count requirement. Comparing the different personal statement samples available on the web, you will see that regardless of the length, such a paper should be clear, concise, and straightforward. At the same time, it should be detailed enough to address the prompt perfectly.

As for the formatting standards, your personal statement should be typed, double spaced, written in Arial or Times New Roman 12 font. Very often, a personal statement may take from one to three pages. If you are allowed to choose the length for your paper, you should remember that the rule “the more – the better” does not work here. When it comes to personal statement writing, creating a 2-page paper will be the best option. We assure you that the admission officers are sick and tired from reading the long papers full of irrelevant details. If you want to reach a great outcome, you should be concerned not about the quantity but about the quality of your paper. As such, we recommend you to try to find a way to show what makes your candidacy better than your competitors without long explanations.

How to Write a Personal Statement for College?

So, how to write a personal statement for college that would make the application officers say, “Wow! This person should definitely become our student!” Traditionally, a personal statement is written when the student applies to a specific educational institution because one should prove that their career aspirations, as well as previous experiences, will become a perfect match to the educational environment of this college or university. In their personal statements, many students commit the same mistake focusing mainly on their educational achievements.

We do not say that your GPA is not important, however, the admission officers want to learn more than just about your successful academic performance. Show that you are a passionate, creative, and goal-oriented individual ready to broaden the horizons and push the limits and persuade the committee that the educational institution will significantly benefit from the decision to accept your candidacy. In academic writing, academic performance is called a “hard factor.” However, there are also “soft factors” that play a crucial role in making a decision. As such, you will be able to reach your goals more easily if you show what kind of a person you are, what motivates and inspires you, as well as how will you benefit the academic environment you want to study in. After all, of course, a good personal statement is not the main reason to accept the candidacy. However, we assure you that is written well, this paper will make a positive impression on the admission officers that will significantly increase your chances to get accepted.

How to Start a Personal Statement?

If you have no idea on how to start a personal statement, let us provide you with some suggestions that will help you turn the writing process into an interesting experience.

  1. Think about what makes you special. Indeed, personal statement writing is a great chance to reconsider your values and beliefs, think about your previous achievements, and evaluate your experiences. Try to relax because getting nervous about your task, you will probably fail it.
  2. Read the prompt carefully. You may have a lot of things to say about yourself in your personal statement but you should include only the information that addresses your prompt.
  3. Use the samples available on the web but do not copy them. Trying to cheat the application committee members, you will definitely fail. Yes, there are multiple personal statement examples available on the web. You can even use them to boost your creativity. However, by copying from these samples, you will use the ideas of other people as your own whereas your personal essay should demonstrate you with your personal failures and achievements. Besides, we assure you that the admission officers know all these examples by heart. What they want to see in your paper is a creative approach, so do not disappoint them!
  4. Spend some time brainstorming your ideas. If you want to write a great personal statement, you should be very careful about picking up the ideas. Yes, brainstorming may take some time but we assure you that good work on the preparation stage will significantly economize your time on the writing process.
  5. Do not choose the topic that is too obvious. Remember that your personal statement is your chance to show how creative you are. For instance, it is good if you believe that you are a good leader. However, just stating this fact is not as effective as telling a situation in which you have noticed your leadership qualities.
  6. Mind your voice and tone. If you think that including many sophisticated words will increase your chances of getting the expected result, you are not right. When it comes to creating a personal statement, you need to write what comes naturally. You need to understand that your personal statement is a narration. Thus, it should be easy to read.
  7. Begin with a strong opening paragraph. Some students prefer to write this paragraph when the main body is written as it will sound more focused. No matter if you are writing an MPA personal statement essay, a UC personal statement essay, or a nursing personal statement essay, you need to begin it with a “hook” that will grab the reader`s attention and make them interested in the following ideas. It can be an appropriate joke, an anecdote, or a short interesting story that fits the common topic of the paper.
  8. Do not submit a rough draft. We assure you that constant practicing will polish your writing skills to perfection. Thus, if you really want to enter a particular educational institution, you need to review your personal statement several times before submission. Making sure that your paper is free from awkward sentences, redundant phrases, or mechanical mistakes, you will significantly increase your chances of getting a positive decision.

How to End a Personal Statement?

If you invested much time in writing your paper, you should also know how to end a personal statement. Below, you will find a few tips on how to end your personal statement and leave a good impression on your reader.
When working on the final paragraph of your personal statement, remember that it should demonstrate the main idea of your document. However, it needs to be laconic and concise. In your concluding paragraph, you should not only summarize your qualities, skills, and competencies but also explain why you are a perfect fit for this particular college.

If you want to make an impression on the admission officers, you should show that you are passionate about your future and very interested in the study in this educational institution. Also, you may admit that you are not afraid of new challenges because they make you stronger and more mature.

If you do not want to make a bad impression on your audience, you should avoid doing the following:

  • end up your personal statement with a question leaving your audience in suspense;
  • provide no plans for the future;
  • show that you do not care about the decision of the application committee;
  • focus on the courses that are not related to a particular educational institution;
  • copy-paste your conclusion from the ready-made samples available on the web.

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