Resolving Patient Care Quality Problem

Identify and describe one topic

Ethical standards are set for the medical institution. Analyzing the ethics meant to be followed by doctors and nurses in the medical field would help people understand what they ought to do and what they ought not to do according to the law. Medical practitioners that offer poor quality services for patients do not follow the standards of ethics which are meant to be exercised. If the ethics code is to be examined and all practitioners obliged to abide by it, most cases of poor quality medical services would be eliminated.

Draft a possible problem statement

Firstly, it is important to know that the medical institution is very crucial in the world today. Without doctors and scientists then most solutions to the sicknesses and conditions would not be found. The major client to medical practitioners is the patient who expects quality services when sick. The major problem would be, are there enough resources provided by the government to assist patients? Are the doctors receiving enough money for the job they do? Has the government set aside some money in the budget to cater to the health of its citizens? Is the patient receiving quality medical care? Why not? Who is in charge of improving these services? Where are they and their job description? How can they improve and get better? What time limit do they have to ensure that everything is in the right place?

Describe a Problem

Explain why it is a problem, and why it is significant to your discipline; gathering the literature as support for why this is a problem in relation to your practice

As reported by the majority of people in the medical field, their major problem is inadequate resources to handle the increasing number of patients daily. In the medical discipline, resources are very imperative if people are to be treated. Some of these resources include medicine, injections, proper clothing, bedding, food, and even hygiene facilities. Research has shown that there are patients who have been in hospitals for years yet have never been better. Such patients are also part of people depleting resources yet more sick people go to hospitals daily. Since the number has been increasing, the medicine and injections provided are hardly enough such that most patients end up not being in any particular hospital uniform.

The problem should focus on the resolution of an issue or problem significant to improving patient care

The solution to poor quality services offered to patients lies in the government. Most public hospitals should be allocated enough resources as requested by the specific hospital to meet the needs of all their patients. The government should also motivate persons in the medical discipline by paying them well according to the level of sacrifice involved in that job. However, doctors and nurses should also be ethical and refuse to take bribes to favor some patients above others.

Draft a purpose statement in relation to your problem statement that states what you hope to accomplish if you implemented this project

By implementing this project, I would ensure that patients all over the country receive better quality services when sick. Patients need to be given full attention when unwell so that they can get better and go back to normal living. The project would also seek to push the government to release finances and resources to the medical institutions to enhance quality care for patients. An awareness of the ethical standards would seek to remind practitioners of what is expected of them by the law which failure to oblige may lead to serious consequences.

Defining a Searchable, Answerable Question

What can be done to improve the level of quality of medical services for patients?

From what you wrote about your problem and purpose, write a question that will be the basis for your implementation plan

An implementation plan includes a possible way out from all the problems experienced in the medical field as well as recommendations of finding solutions on the same. How therefore can we improve medical services to offer quality care to patients? What recommendation is given by the patients and the government at large?

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