Benefit segmentation is a type of marketing strategy that divides market according to the benefits buyers seek from a product or the problem that the product solves for them. The idea of such strategy is to allow the company to reveal potential buyers and identify their needs. There exist a number of various methods for using benefit segmentation. Victoria’s Secret is a bright example of successful market segmentation. In recent years their income has increased and this is due to proper company policy. Worldwide brand introduce new approaches for their customers. First of all, Victoria’s Secret segmented its clients demographically due to the fact that their products are used by women between the ages of 18 and 44. The company offers its customers images of flashy teenager or sexy younger girl as well as more sophisticated taste for older clients. Technological innovations expanded brand’s possibilities. That allows producing more comfortable goods which better fit and add flexibility. Such exclusive things as air bra, water bra and seamless products increased the range of customers and the Internet access made shopping easier and more convenient. Worldwide network of stores ensures the distribution and popularization of Victoria’s Secret brand. The company does not forget about the environmental issues. Brand uses only certified paper and appeal to reduce waste. The income of Victoria’s Secret brand improved because of the successful benefit segmentation and this list could be added as brand is developing more and more programs aiming at customer’s preferances.

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