Tootsie Roll Industries is on the market for over a century. She still manages to maintain its position and even have great prospects for a successful development. This is because the company uses effective methods of communication and support relationships. The main goal of the negotiations - a mutually beneficial partnership. I think the employees are always initially learning the position of general affairs of their suppliers, potential partners or workers. The analysis is based on an individual approach to each and based on the data, so you can clearly see the big picture. I have in mind that the purpose of the analysis is to provide information about problem areas of future partners and their solutions by company. It is based on the principle “no deposit - no return”.

The flexibility of the company demonstrates its attitude to the result as a whole. Often, they can give the initiative in the hands of its employees, seeking to ensure their first-class job, housing (principles of open-door policy). They give them a chance of self-expression and self-realization, which is very impressed by the human nature. The company is considering new ideas and suggestions of its employees for the successful promotion in the market, selecting the best and involved in their implementation. And as a result - every day it rises to a new level.  

Tootsie Roll Industries is also compiling cross-functional teams for the purpose of influencing the actions of the good. This includes market analysis, development of business ideas, find new partners, gathering the necessary information and so on. For efficient operation, the company conducting cross-training and this trains its employees to various aspects of business. And we can see that it has a big result – successful exploring of foreign markets.

Negotiating effectively is very important to the internal growth of the Tootsie Roll Industries. First, many would like to work in a successful company with opportunity for growth and fulfillment. The company, that will take care of its employees. An example of it can be opened of loan fund for employees who wanted to buy homes in Chicago.

Tootsie Roll Industries is not afraid to discuss all the negative questions during business negotiations. She speaks openly about possible problems, but then offers several ways to deal with them, leaving the choice for the opposite side. Talk has always been and will be a key to the successful conclusion of many transactions.

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