Hi Friend,

Hope you are doing well. I myself couldn’t be better as I have recently secured a job that I was looking for since a long time. I am appointed as the Program Manager for a Human Services Program. My typical tasks include:

  • Planning, development and implementation of human services program.
  • Evaluating the current program and proposing modifications for improvement.
  • Preparing initial budget requests for the programs.

Other than the above, I am also expected to provide technical consultancy on various complex program matters that would include, negotiation, monitoring, granting proposals and proposing, presenting plans and policies before the Board of Supervisors. In this consulting work, my major job requirements will be:

  • Directing professional and non-professional employees for efficient program operations.
  • Making recommendations to the senior management by analyzing the project effectiveness and progress.
  • Forecasting the future program direction and thus advising the top management.
  • Organizing effective program activities by collaborating with various other auditing services.
  • Manage internal policies and procedures for program compliance.
  • Organizing and supervising training programs for staff.

In addition to the above major job responsibilities, there are various supporting activities that I will be looking into such as maintaining liaison with public agencies, private agencies and governmental agencies. Serve as the resource person to the operating staff with respect to the community resources available for client referrals. Attending seminars, conferences and meetings related to the organizational mission and also addressing the audience whenever necessary.

All the above roles and responsibilities required effective oral and written communication skills, working knowledge of supervision and training, which I learned during my past work experience, contract monitoring and evaluation knowledge, data processing knowledge and knowledge of various computer tools such as MS office et cetera. Also the ability to evaluate program effectiveness and quick decision making skills are required. Hope I do justice with the role I am provided.

Best Regards,

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