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Dell Computer Corporation was started in 1984 by Michael Dell. The process of the company’s foundation took place in his dorm room at the University of Texas when Michael was 19 years old. It is perceived that he had an estimated budget of approximately $1,000 used to start up the company. Today, therefore, it is an American multinational information technology corporation associated with developing, repairing, supporting, and selling computers. Mostly, it is termed as one of the largest technology corporations in the world, hence, in the current days, it undergoes significant challenges. It is one of the biggest computer firms in the market as it permits clients to order their products directly from the company and electronic retail stores. Evidently, the approach initiated by the enterprise is of active nature as it lures more clients and adds the market share as well (Dell & Fredman, 2006).

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The company is relevant to the market, based on the perspective that it offers clients network servers, data storage systems, and markets third-party software and hardware. The services and products associated with Dell Corporation reach its success as a result of the set mission statement and vision. The mission statement of the organization is to be the most successful IT systems company in the market in terms of delivering the highest quality, competitive pricing, individual and company accountability, leading technology, among other services (Cameron, 2012). Dell’s vision is to work collaboratively with the market and to improve its relationship with the community and the environment to efficiently provide high-quality products and within the requested time frame.

The Firm’s Challenge

Apart from the fact that Dell Corporation has many benefits due to its brand and popularity among users, the company is undergoing a tremendous challenge that is clearly affecting its presence in the market in a negative way. Essentially, the firm’s primary problem is the enormous competition with big firms like Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Apple, and Compaq. The competitors’ activity in the computer market decreased Dell’s profits and resulted in huge losses. The presence of competition has undoubtedly led to a problem that needs a solution as soon as possible to get better profit results. Additionally, Dell experiences competition to such an extent that their employees are reassigning. Hence, it is an indication that proper strategies should be implemented to counter the problem (Shirani, 2013).

The current paper discusses and illustrates in detail the problem facing Dell Corporation, and how to improve performance and organizational effectiveness, integrating theory and research along with personal experiences. The intrusion program is meant to develop performance and managerial efficacy.

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Ways to Improve the Performance and Organizational Effectiveness of the Company

For Dell Corporation to effectively improve its performance and efficiency in the market, proper strategies ought to be implemented. Some of the strategies that need to be associated with the firm are communication, teamwork, and democratic leadership. First and foremost, the democratic leadership approach is relevant as it entails working in a collaborative viewpoint (Rothaermel, 2014). The strategy will ensure that employees work together to come up with effective ways that can counter the primary challenge of competition. It is where different expertise initiated with the perspective of generating positive results will be implemented. The strategy entails each party to contribute their knowledge on how to deal with the challenge.

Mainly, working in a collaborative approach will enable the firm to counter the problem because different solutions are proposed, and the best method is used to combat the problem. One of the significant entities concerning democratic leadership is that proposals will be made by different stakeholders, but the chief executive officer will make the final decision. The democratic leadership will help to generate positive results that will contribute in ways that can counter the firm’s challenges in the market. Thus, it is a desirable approach because the authoritative rights of the leader make the final decision based on the proposals of all stakeholders.

Communication strategy is of active nature since it will bring all stakeholders to a common understanding. While interacting with each employee or stakeholder, the firm will relate well, and dealing with problems will be an easy task. By talking with each other, employees will resolve issues among them, and, as a result, generate positive outcomes in the market (Shirani, 2013). Furthermore, the primary challenge facing the company is a high rate of competition from senior firms; hence, communication will enable the company to create more ways that can counter the problem. Interacting with each other online will help in countering the challenge as most firms tend to relate to each other on social media.

Therefore, one of the steps that can be used in creating a Facebook page, a Twitter handle, and a YouTube account. The outcome of the established social sites will act as a platform for both stakeholders and the firm. The social sites will enable clients to pour out their dissatisfaction that will serve as a guiding tool towards mending their products and services. The purpose of the communication strategy is to establish a link between the firm and the market (Cameron, 2012). Essentially, it is the strategy that will assist the company in counter challenges facing its market segment.

Teamwork is another strategy that does not only bring the stakeholder collectively, but it makes sure that services implemented are from a specialized point of view. Evidently, collaboration as a strategy will contribute positively to the challenge facing the company. Teamwork is a strategy that will lure employees to relate to every task as a team to evade issues. It is a desirable method based on the perspective that collaboration not only brings positive results but also molds the firm into unity and saves expenses. The importance of implementing the teamwork policy is the possibility to generate updated products and services. The outcome of updated products is possible as services will be initiated from a teamwork perspective.

Additionally, the teamwork strategy is convenient because all kinds of expertise are put together to generate significant results (Rothaermel, 2014). Thus, the inclusion of the teamwork strategy is necessary for Dell Corporation as it will collectively bring employees and all stakeholders, hence, counter competition.

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Theory and Experiences

The management concepts incorporated into the strategies of communication, teamwork, and democratic leadership are system and contingency. The two ideas mentioned above are relevant as they guide the firm in the ways that can be used to counter the challenges. The contingency theory enables the company to deal with ideas that can be initiated to get the best approach to a leader and the challenge at hand. The theory is of importance as it is concerned with styles and approaches that match the leaders and the situation. Therefore, the relation of my experience and the inclusion of the contingency theory will generate significant results. It is true because experience plus the approach of dealing with the challenge via the strategies proposed will be essential. The implication of combining knowledge, the proposed strategies, and the concept of contingency is evading competition in a professionalized perspective.

Incorporating the contingency concept will involve the presence of trust, confidence, and how the leader will act authoritatively. Essentially, the theory will include the levels of leader-member-relation, task structure, and leader’s position power. The contingency approach will work well for the inclusion of my experience based on the fact that the strategies mentioned above will lead to the desired result (Shirani, 2013).

Consequently, the concept will deal with the primary challenge of competition through better service and product delivery. The other theory that can be put into consideration is the system principle as it treats a company as a system. In this case, the method will be initiated in an open perspective where communication will be implemented via the market. The system theory enables the organization to permit contributions from the market and put them into consideration. From my experience, it is a good theory as it works well with the strategies of democratic leadership, teamwork, and communication (Cameron, 2012).

Essentially, the theory will enable the firm to counter the challenge through the type of information received from the market. The method will work well with the communication strategy as everything will be gauged through responses got from social media. The perception that experience is the best teacher is essential, hence, an indication that incorporation of my knowledge and the system theory will be a good approach to countering the problem of competition. It ought to be realized that competition is something expected by any business, but it should be noted that competition is healthy. The competition enables companies to come up with better services and products as well.

Thus, the theory will assist the company in coming with better products that will allow them to be regarded as a healthy market. The system principle is suited for an open approach that entails interacting with clients and other stakeholders to counter the problem facing the company. Thus, the combination of the theory and my personal experience via the proposed strategies of communication, teamwork, and democratic leadership will lead to success.

Organizational Development Challenges

As it was mentioned above, the primary challenge facing Dell Corporation is competition, but the other organizational challenges are the absence of a proper market, weak leadership approach, insecurity, and inadequate infrastructure. The challenge of competition can be countered via the proposed strategies and theories. There is also the predicament of a need for a proper market for the company’s products. The issue of lack of a market is related to the challenge of competition (Shirani, 2013).

Thus, the two can be dealt with via the strategy of communication, where gathering information from the market will help in manufacturing products that meet the needs of clients. When it comes to the issue of weak leadership, it is a challenge that can be dealt with via the democratic leadership strategy and the inclusion of the system theory. The democratic leadership approach will entail the leader delegating work to employees, but he will make the final decision. It is a good plan as it emphasizes the significance of working collectively to counter the challenge. Poor infrastructure in the area is a result of the trucks delivering raw material to the factory (Cameron, 2012).

To deal with the problem of poor infrastructure, the firm needs to initiate a talk via the communication strategy with the truck owners so that they can deal with the issue professionally. With the problem of insecurity, more effort ought to be used as a means of taking care of the firm and other stakeholders. The best approach that can be initiated is employing more security guards and building a secure compound that will safeguard the business as a whole. Clearly, the company has several organizational challenges that need urgent implementation. Furthermore, it is a thriving business; hence, the proper approach to dealing with the challenges will contribute positively towards its recovery. Mainly, the challenges mentioned above act as a hindrance to Dell Corporation, and hence, the proposed strategies and theories have to be used to counter.

Organizational Development Concepts and Theories of Relevance

The proposed organizational development concepts and principles of relevance have been suggested as the contingency theory and the system concept of management. The two notions are often used in managerial areas, and, hence, their usage in this perspective is essential. The concepts will guide the management of the company in ways that can be used to counter the business’s organizational challenges (Weske, 2012).

The concepts have been in use for several years; hence, their presence in the enterprise will be a positive perspective. The ideas are bound to generate essential results because they work hand-in-hand with the strategies of communication, teamwork, and democratic leadership strategy. Moreover, integrating the concepts with my experience is an extra entity because my knowledge in management will ensure that the contents of the firm are re-drafted for a better outcome from the market hemisphere. Thus, the concepts are of a positive perspective as their usage is meant to counter the problems facing the company and the market as a whole.

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Recommendations and Solutions

The organizational challenges as discussed above are insecurity, poor leadership, and poor infrastructure, lack of a proper market, and competition. As noted, the above can incorporate the concepts of contingency and system concepts. The thoughts ought to be included via the strategies of democratic leadership, teamwork, and communication to evade the organizational development challenges. The proposed policies are significant as they will help the firm to deal with challenges facing them from a managerial point of view. Thus, a weak leadership approach can be dealt with by coming up with the hierarchical leadership entity that will be initiated via the strategies of teamwork, democratic leadership, and communication (Rothaermel, 2014).

The hierarchical leadership approach usage will generate positive results as each employee will be tasked with the issue of completing a particular objective. Evidently, the outcome of the leadership approach will be essential as it will complement the contents of the democratic leadership strategy. The organizational challenge of insecurity, as enumerated in the above paragraphs, can be evaded by employing more security guards and fixing gadgets like CCTVs in the compound. Furthermore, the flow of communication should be modified to ensure that the challenge is dealt with professionally. The problem of infrastructure can be evaded by proper communication among the truck owners as mentioned above with the firm as well (Cameron, 2012).

The relation between the two parties will entail proposals on the importance of drafting a proposal to the relevant authority as a means of dealing with the challenge. Clearly, working as a team and initiating the strategy of communication will be of significance in terms of eroding the challenge. Lack of proper market for the firm can be evaded by searching for markets to which other companies have not reached. Clearly, it is possible to get the market for modified gadgets, and another approach can be reducing the cost of products. The problem of competition and the proper market for the firm can all relate to the entity of reducing their product’s cost and increasing their service delivery. The recommendation of reducing the market cost and investing in other regions that the competitors have not reached yet will generate efficient results (Rothaermel, 2014).

The approach is of a positive perspective because the challenges at hand will be put in the history books of the company. Fundamentally, the proposed recommendations for the organizational challenges need to be practiced to the latter to consume positive results.


To sum up, the paper has clearly demonstrated the organizational challenges and strategies that can be put into consideration. The strategies of communication, teamwork, and democratic leadership are proposed as the major approaches that can be used to counter the challenges. Furthermore, the concepts of contingency and system have to be incorporated based on the fact that they complement the contents of the proposed strategies. Dell is an experienced and well-known company, but it also faces challenges like other firms. As demonstrated, proper leadership has to be initiated, based on the fact that the approach used is not working out positively. Incorporation of the communication strategy will help the employees and other stakeholders to interact and come up with counteractive measures.

When it comes to the use of the democratic leadership strategy, its embodiment will entail working as a team as well, but the chief executive officer will make the final decisions. It is an appropriate entity because each member is obliged to contribute their knowledge on the task at hand. The strategy works well with the concepts of contingency and system theory as they are used in a managerial perspective regulation. Furthermore, the contents of my experience will lead to significant results, in terms of proper rules, standards, and regulations on countering the challenges. The strategy of communication has also been enumerated as a desirable approach that will assist the company to offset its organizational challenges.

The strategy of communication as proposed works well with the system concept where interaction via social media and among those involved takes place. The organizational challenges have to be laid down to counter them efficiently. Initiating the recommendations to the latter will help the company counter the challenges because the proposals made are associated with managerial contents. Besides, the strategies have to be enumerated to the employees so they can relate to the approach of eroding the problems.

Furthermore, initiating the leadership style of the hierarchy is significant as per the recommendations because each employee will be tasked to evade the organizational challenges. Thus, the document is important because it demonstrates the challenges facing the company and the strategies that can be used to counter them. Moreover, the enumeration initiated entails how the strategies can be used to combat the challenges, which is an indication that there is the possibility of countering the challenges.

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