Project scope is well defined in the project with the activities needed to deliver goods, services and other project objectives properly outlined while scope management is also adequately defined.  All the processes and aspects of the jobs necessary to effectively deliver the project objectives are present in the project. The first process of the project scope management which is collecting the requirements has been done. The project charter contains detailed description of the product hence the product needs can be elaborated. There is no evidence of application of the tools interviews, questionnaires and surveys or prototypes in the project but there seems to have been use of group decision making techniques, group creativity techniques and observation as the decisions on project description, measurable organization value, project schedule, budget requirements, resource requirements and risks confirm. Over all, collect the requirement tools and techniques were not all utilized in the project.

            In defining the scope in this project, expert judgment and product analyses tools are well applied to come up with the project scope statement with the product breakdown, system analysis, system engineering and value engineering and analysis but the alternative identification has been left out as there are no other different approaches outlined.

            The work breakdown structure process tool of decomposition is well utilized in this project. The outputs for the work breakdown structure that can be seen are the work breakdown structure itself but the WBS dictionary, the scope baseline or the project document updates are not present in the project.

            Inspection is the tool used in the verify scope process and the outputs are accepted deliverables, change requests and project document updates. All these outputs are seen to be outlined and planned for in the project charter. There is no application of variance analysis, but in the control scope there is included provisions for change request that have taken into consideration the modalities for handling the need for alterations.

            The scope management tools have been well utilized in the project albeit there are some omissions of the tools and techniques. The group also seems to be sharing useful information about scope management as can be seen from the fact that areas that require more of group input are well handled such as creativity in coming up with the project and product specifications. All in all the scope management tools were not well utilized in the project.

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