Offshore drilling is extracting of valuables mainly oil and other gases beneath the ocean or anywhere from a hundred meters to 200 miles from the coast. Offshore drilling currently is not only done in ocean coast but also has been extended to the mainland seas and lakes. The first offshore was drilled in California in 1887.Offshore drilling when was invented was seen as a solution to the energy crisis but has brought about lot of ill comings.

From Holing (1990), offshore drilling has been seen as a threat to the livelihood of the fishermen in that fishing around the mine will be prohibited. The business owners who usually benefit from the tourism based economy has usually been affected as tourism around the region will decline and this means they will end up closing their businesses. Increase in the residents’ health hazard has also been to the increase due to the pollution from the drilling.

Offshore mining   requires high technique machines which makes the whole operation expensive, this method is also extremely complex as to get the mineral you have to reach the ocean floor and drill even far way down, it has also been realized that for the offshore drill to be successful larger energy inputs per energy gain are required than that required for the onshore drilling.

Incase of accidents offshore drilling is capable of causing extreme ecological damage and those oil and gas rigs are known to be unnatural and ugly which destroys the scenic beauty of the natural environment. This offshore drilling increases the supply of those materials which reduces their costs and this provides a discentive for conservation and alternative energy development.

Offshore drilling has been a main cause of oiled industrial zones of coastal areas and the ocean which has been the main cause of the climate change due to the burning of fossil fuels. If in transportation of the minerals (oil) is done by digging of canals and laying the pipelines this can lead to coastal erosions as canals tend to crisscross the state’s wetlands.


From the disadvantages which offshore drilling has brought about I would propose that offshore mining should be abolished as it does not bring about any change in the global oil prices and the profits which the whole operation attracts to the offshore drilling state are minimal compared to the cost of the operation.

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