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The main claim in Hook’s essay is education as a form of manifestation of human freedom. This is the reason Hook writes the essays in simple language that can be comprehended by literates and semi-literates alike. In his opinion, one’s ability to access information or any form of knowledge should not be limited by knowledge itself. It would be grossly unfortunate if people continue to claim that they are free yet education still significantly limits their freedom. As a matter of fact, those who are semi-literate should have an opportunity to advance their education. However, this cannot be possible if literature is made too complex and therefore inaccessible to most people.

In Tan’s “Mother Tongue”, the desire to communicate to all cadres of people appears clearly in Tan’s argument that the language she speaks or writes about is basically a collection of Englishes that she came across as she grew up. This is the basic form of English that can be understood by anyone aware of the English language. Indeed, Tangoes ahead to emphasize that her English was collected in the streets as she walked with her mother at a tender age. Essentially, she doesn’t want the language to become a hindrance to human freedom or create a barrier to human access to information. It is the reason she uses the kind of language that is easy to understand so that communication can be universally acknowledged.

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In some instances, it may be necessary to break a few rules. Although this could cause a collision with the authorities, the sacrifice may be worth taking especially if it promotes human freedom. It is worth noting that Bell Hooks did not hesitate to ignore a few publishing rules that were deemed unnecessary. This is usually the situation in real life. In Tan’s “Mother Tongue”, the situation is the same because Tan does not follow the grammatical rules. It goes without saying that she does it purposely so that she is understood better. She is trying to prevent a situation where communication is made impossible by conventional rules that make language complicated.

While one story elucidates the need to break a few rules, the other story justifies it by showing the real benefits of breaking the rules. In Hooks’ essay, the need to communicate properly with the audience comes out clearly in the essay. For instance, the desire to uphold human freedom drives Hooks into using the simplest language possible. On the other hand, Tan, though an academic writer, uses Englishes that she collected in the streets. It should be noted that she would appear more intelligent by using complex academic language. However, she opts for street language which is indeed accepted in publishing houses. This certainly justifies the fact that breaking a few conventional rules can sometimes be acceptable.

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It goes without saying that the main claim in Hook’s essay is human freedom and the need to preserve it. In Hooks’ opinion, one’s ability to access information or any form of knowledge should not be limited by knowledge itself. This is why literature should be made as easy as possible so that majority of the society can easily access it. On the other hand, Tan did not hesitate to ignore a few publishing rules that were deemed unnecessary therefore leaving true to the need to break a few rules. She intentionally ignores grammatical rules because she thinks it is necessary to do so. In specific, it is quite rare to find a self-proclaimed scholar using street language in his or her publication. However, the need to respect human freedom makes them use simple language that everyone can understand.

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