Cradle to Prison Pipeline

The recent state initiative, the Cradle to Prison Pipeline, aims to protect millions of children from poor and disadvantageous backgrounds. This program is extremely important for modern community because millions of children lack professional healthcare and suffer from such diseases as tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, polio, etc. The main problem is that racial minorities are at high risk of imprisonment so there is greater possibility for these poeple to be infected during their life.

The important of the Cradle to Prison Pipeline initiative is that it covers political, social and economic spheres of life of the poor. In contrast to working population, racial minorities need social protection and effective medical services. Some groups of poor citizens cannot pay for medical insurance for their children, so the duty and responsibility of the state to support this group of citizens (namely children).

The importance of the program can be explained by the fact that it is directed at educational support and programs, Social and educational support of these children will help the state to reduce crime rates among racial minorities in future (“Cradle to Prison Pipeline” n.d.). Following Kaye “This is the premise underlying initiatives like drug courts that have spread throughout the nation, building on the critical moment of arrest”.


These services can range from short-term health promotion actions such as using one or another of the vast number of over-the-counter treatments, to participation in one of many procedures for the disease prevention or early detection of cardiovascular disease, to repetitive and longer term medical preventions such as obtaining an annual check-up, adopting a low-fat diet, avoiding danger by quitting smoking, or adopting any of the wide variety of medical preventions used for months and years to minimize dysfunction and live with an incurable, chronic condition.

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