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Criminology Research Example

The shots were fired first from bottom right, bottom left, top right and finally the top left. This is shown by the size of the fracture holes, the first shot has the smallest hole while the last short has the largest because the resistance of the glass decreases as the number of shots increases. Concentric fractures are those that are circular in nature, they are also called secondary fractures while radial fractures are those that move along the line of weakness, they are also called primary fractures. In the above diagram, the fracture indicated by the long arrow is the radial fracture and that shown by the shorter arrow is the concentric fracture.

The metric system of measurement is easier to use than the English system because the metric system is a base 10 system where conversions are simple and workings or calculations of measurement of different quantities are identical compared to the English system where there is no uniformity and a lot of conversions are done hence needs a lot of memorizing. In the US, the metric system is used.

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Weight is the force exerted by an object, while mass is the amount of substance in an object. Weight and mass have several differences, the first difference is the unit (I) in which they are measured, mass is measured in kilograms(SI units) while the SI units of weight are the Newtons. The second difference is that mass of an object does not change from one place to another, for example, if an object is taken to the moon, the mass remains constant because there is no matter removed from the object while the weight of an object changes from place to place.

When white light strikes a prism, it is separated into several colors by a process called dispersion, this is because when light travels from air to the prism, it encounters a surface of different density and it bends, this bending will occur depending on the refractive index of the glass prism, different colors will therefore be refracted differently and as they move out of the prism, they travel at different angles.

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The first factor that has made it hard for the criminalists to compare glass samples is that almost all the glasses have similar refractive indexes, and the small sizes of the glass samples make them hard to be compared. In a case where the scene of the crime has not been ascertained, the soil is of great importance because it will be used to link to a location where the type of soil is found and even the route that the victim of the crime had used.

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