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The topic under research is serial killers. The research paper will briefly analyze and explain the motivational factors that give serial killers the courage to carry out their actions. In this respect, the research will also draw a line between social killers, mass murderers, and spree killers. The topic under research will also touch on some of the characteristic features of social killers, the development of social killers, the organization of serial killers, demographics and the theories that attempt to explain the actions of serial killers. The paper will also compare the modern context of social killing in a present-day setting with the earlier days.


Example of the Thesis for the Research

The working thesis of the research is the following: serial killers derive their motives from psychological pleasure mixed with the need for having sexual contact with a victim.

The Relationships between Serial Killers and Their Victims

The areas I plan to research are the relationships that exist between serial killers and their victims. In most cases, the relationships between serial killers and a victim are asymmetrical and may involve secretly following a victim of voyeurism. There can also be an underdeveloped kind of relationship whereby a serial killer and a victim may have come to know each other at some point before the killing takes place. I will also research the relationships between serial killers and their environment because most of them are able to blend quite well with their surroundings.

The reason why I am going to research these areas is that in certain cases, serial killers tend to prey on vulnerable victims while planning their revenge as a result of low self-esteem feelings and dysfunction of memory. The paper will also research some of the main characteristics of social killers that will be useful in helping the law enforcement authorities and the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

The research topic is socially relevant today because recently, serial killings practices have been increasing at an alarming rate as killers seek to satisfy their selfish needs. In addition, the paper will try to categorize serial killers in various distinct categories and pay special attention to sexual serial killers. Some serial killers murder people and later end up fulfilling their sexual fantasies by engaging in sexual contacts with corpses. What is at stake here is the lives of innocent victims who may be subject to inhuman acts performed by social killers. In addition, the families of the victims may be affected by the event of having their guardian or breadwinner being taken away from them.

I will situate my voice and argument within the larger conversation by giving a well-detailed analysis of the negative impact that the actions of serial killers have on innocent victims at large and the society in general. The research will also touch on some of the ways the law enforcement authorities and common people can use in the identification of serial killers for the wellbeing of potential victims. In this respect, I will try to explain how to recognize serial killers before they forcefully engage their victims. The new idea that I will try to contribute to the larger debate is giving a description of what is in the mind of a serial killer. This question is relevant since the disturbing behaviors of serial killers and the whole serial killing ideology have been a controversial issue for a long time.

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