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The evolution of the world has been faced with diversity in cultural, social, technological, and political beliefs. These changes can be categorized into units called monsters, which are defined in Latin as omens. They are warnings or representations of God's wrath.

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These monsters have come up because of man's desire to explore and understand God's power and to control the world. They are also caused by the selfishness of human beings and their involvement in scientific advancement. The devil is believed to play a role in the advancement of these monsters and is considered a threat to the people's existence.

Scientific advancements such as biotechnology, mutation, cybernetics, and modification of bodies have no justifications. The increased terrorism in the world and changes in the cultural structures that bring hatred and disunity among people are some of the examples of monsters that present fear and frustration in the world. In ancient times, people believed in myths and demonic powers.

These have impacted the present world by the media, which is used to pass information through the generations. Each of the monsters has different people affiliated with them; those people have the duty of passing the culture to the next generation. These individuals have significantly utilized the media to promote their propagandist agenda. Due to the advancement in technology, the spread has been made easier and more appealing to the receivers.

For instance, books are facilitated by movies and the internet, which makes the message more real and attracts more people. Although the opinions may be wrong and misleading, people do not have their own judgment, as they were not available during the happening of the events. All these monsters pose a threat to the future of our existence as they influence our religious beliefs and practices. They also divide the world into ethnic, tribal, or religious lines.

This paper analyzes the modern-day criminal monsters and their cultural and historical contexts. It also analyzes the different types of media used to perpetuate them, their similarities and differences.

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler is one of the modern-day criminal monsters mentioned in Asma's book. He was a dictator and the leader of the NAZI Party in Germany. He is responsible for the massive loss of lives during the First World War. He was Germany's Chancellor from 1933 to 1945 and was the founder of the Holocaust. In 1923, he attempted the Beer Hall Putsch, which was a Coup Detat in Munich in which several people died. In 1924, he attacked the Versailles Treaty and was against communism. He also promoted Nazi propaganda.

Hitler had internal and external policies that aimed at getting the living space for the Germans. In 1939, he influenced the invasion of Poland, which led to the Second World War. It is estimated that he caused the death of over 11 million people during his reign. These factors make Hitler a criminal monster, as he propagated war among people under his dictatorial regime.

By studying the criminal monsters, the world wars are my focus as they were characterized by massive deaths and terrorism. The stories of Hitler have influenced several terrorists who want to conquer the world and use their powers to manipulate and incite people into war.

Such people are considered monsters because they do not have a human heart and do not feel the pain of losing a life. Instead, they focus on their selfish needs. During this period, many leaders were influenced by the media to revenge (Haridakis and Wearden 88). At that time, books were the main media used by people to pass information. Information about the allies and the Axis was recorded in books (Banerji 120).

The literate were able to access information and would alter it to incite the illiterate. This accelerated mass action and war among the people. To this day, some countries are still nursing the wounds they sustained during the wars and are determined to revenge. Other religious criminals have been created out of the recordings of Hitler's actions as they learn the defensive and offensive tactics from him.

Different authors have written the chronology of events during the world wars from their own opinions. At that time, it was the best method of recording and storing information. Books were oftentimes used because they could be read by different people in the world. However, people always have their own interpretations of the information. For instance, the book "Hitler the Missing Years" describes how Hitler rose to power during the NAZI period. It portrays him as responsible for killing millions of people and destroying the wealth.

The book describes how Hitler initiated his attacks and influenced many terrorists, such as Saddam Hussein in Africa and Osama Bin Laden. It gives the audience an attitude of resistance and war to air their demands and grievances. People react differently to the book, some say it brings memories that are painful to the affected and this increases the hatred between the warring countries. Others say it controls the people from engaging in war as they learn the effects of war.

It is due to the misjudgment by the people and inaccessibility by some people that the need for a better way of communication arose (Christians, Glasser & McQuail 97). There was the problem of the language barrier, as some people in different countries could not read. The books were then interpreted into different languages. This helped to improve the passing of information among the people, however, it was limited to the literate.

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There was a need for visual support of the information. Later, videos were introduced. Books have several advantages, which include: ease of movement, transferability, they provide future references, durability, ease of storage, and accessibility. Books are easily portable and readers can read them at any time and place. This makes them more appealing than the use of videos; videos cannot be watched at any place. Books can also be used for future reference by the readers because they are readily available and durable.

They also provide evidence for events that happened in the past. Books can be transferred from one person to the other; this makes it easier for those who cannot afford the books to borrow from their friends and libraries. They could also be given out as gifts. They are durable since they last for a long time. This makes it easier for readers to read them several times and to ease their understanding.

Storage of books does not require a lot of space, as compared to other media such as videos, which require several electronic gadgets to access. Books also have several disadvantages, which include: time-consuming, limited to the literate, they can get lost and there is a language barrier. Reading and understanding a book requires a lot of time; for some people, it is hard to concentrate (Devereux 90).

Books can only be read by literate people who can read and understand the content of the book. This captures the language barrier as a limit to communication. Books can also get lost, as some are small. Children can destroy books. The language barrier has been addressed through the translations of the books into local languages.

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Videos provide both audio and visual evidence of the events as they happened. These are more appealing and interesting to watch as opposed to the books. Videos were produced in different languages and by different people. The advantages of videos are, lasting impressions on the minds of the viewers, they illustrate the movements of the people making the message real, they consume less time as compared to reading books and they are durable when stored properly.

The human brain easily remembers what it sees, comparing to what is said or read. This makes videos more preferable than books. They ensure that the message is not misinterpreted. Through the videos, information is made real and practical as the criminal monsters can be seen as if in reality; viewers can grasp how they organized wars and prepared their weapons. For instance, the movie, "Adolf Hitler's Biography" shows how the war was fatal and his role in catalyzing hatred.

The movie tries to justify the reasons for Hitler's engagement in the war. People think the movie only makes things worse by giving terrorist skills of war and weapon handling. It reminds people of the past and strains the relationship between countries. This incites other people and gives them the courage to wage war against their enemies. Watching videos consumes less time, as compared to reading large volumes of books, which may turn out to be boring and monotonous (Davies 56).

Also, books may not provide a clear chronology of events, but videos show everything as it actually happened. If the videotapes are stored properly, they could last for a long time and this makes them good for future references as people can access them for confirmation or as evidence. The disadvantages include technical problems and limitations since they cannot be accessed at any time; they require other electronic devices for them to be viewed, which are expensive and require more space for storage, as compared to books.

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Adolf Hitler is one of the criminal monsters who stirred the world during the First World War. He was the reason for thousands of people's deaths and his biography and life have been spread through videos. Hitler influenced several terrorists in the world today and this poses a threat to the future of world peace (Asma 150). Electronic devices are prone to complications and different problems that may disrupt the passing of information. Some may break down due to destruction by the user or electrical problems.

For a person to watch a video, he/she requires a television, a visual crystal display, or a computer, which needs more space for storage as compared to books. Pirates are a major problem in the recording industry as they may alter the information to suit their needs.

They also reduce the market size of the producers since they sell fake products for cheap prices, which makes the original videos lose the market. Electricity is not available in all parts of the world. This limits the passing of information to other parts of the world. For those who cannot access electricity, they have to move to big towns to get the information in form of the videos.

Due to the advancement in technology, the internet has made the world a global village. A lot of information is available on the internet. There are specific websites that spread information on the criminal monsters and even try to justify their actions. The internet has replaced most of the media, as most people in towns have access to the cyber. Phones have been modified to connect to the internet and this makes it the easiest way of spreading information throughout the world.

Advantages of the internet include faster transmission of information, entertainment, and it can operate throughout the day; it is relatively cheaper than purchasing books and videos. Additionally, it provides both audio and visual information through youtube and other programs and this information can be downloaded for further references. For instance, the site gives information on the museum that preserves history concerning Hitler and his contribution to the criminal monster. He catalyzes the war and marshals resources to fund the war.

People say the site is an incitement to criminals and terrorists in the world. His story influences people to engage in war and hatred, nationally and internationally. The internet also provides a direct discussion forum where all the online users can give their views regarding particular information (Buchanan 66).

This helps in the transmission of the information as people can convince other users in different parts of the world. The information can be formatted using various HTML products. This provides for the updating of information. The internet is instant in loading the information, and the transmission takes less time to reach the audience compared to the books and the internet, which require advertising in the market before people can know of their existence. Many entertaining and information sites are available on the internet.

This makes it more appealing to many people as compared to a book, which focuses on one topic. When using the internet, people can easily access information on criminal monsters. The internet operates 24/7 and can be accessed at any time and place due to the introduction of internet-enabled phones as opposed to videos, which have to be watched in specific places. Internet-enabled phones to access information cheaply and quickly. Some of the information is audiovisual, which makes it more appealing to the readers.

Through online discussions, people may seek clarity in the information and expose their views to the rest of the readers. One of the internet disadvantages includes hacking of information which leads to addiction; it can be attacked by a virus and pornography is widely spread. Hacking is a major issue in cybersecurity as malicious people may get access to information that was not intended for their use (Djurup 107). This limits people from spreading information through the internet, as they fear the information may be hacked and changed to suit the hackers' needs.

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The internet has a lot of information and interesting sites that may lead to addiction by the users. This leads to laziness, especially among the youths, who may lose focus in their academics. This will lead to laziness slowing down the development of a country's economy. A virus is a malicious program that is availed through the internet; it leads to corruption of files and disrupts the performance of computers and phones (Dominick 100). Many people use the internet to spread immoral activities such as pornography, which corrupts the users of the internet.

The use of books, videos, and the internet are similar in that they are used globally, they can be stored for future references, they are durable, and they are vulnerable to misinterpretation by the users. They can also be formatted by the authors and producers, for instance, books can be edited several times to update the information; videos can also be re-produced and information on the internet can also be edited online through the use of different programs. Information can be transmitted worldwide through the internet, books, and videos.

Books and videos can be advertised through the nations and sold to different people in different countries. The internet is available to anybody who logs onto the site. These sources are vital in spreading the information since they are readily available. The storage of information from these sources is easy and they provide for future references. Books are durable and can be easily stored since they do not require much space. Videotapes can also be stored for future reference while information on the internet can be downloaded and stored by users for effective research.

All these sources are appealing to the users as they can be supported by graphical images that reinforce understandability. Due to the different schools of thought for different people, these sources leave the reader to interpret the information in their own way. These sources vary in their costs of accessibility. Books can be quite expensive when bought in bookstores. Videos are also expensive, but they can be borrowed from the libraries and friends.

The internet is cheap and can be accessed at any time and place. The internet is available at any time and provides an interactive session with other online users. The sender of the message can also receive feedback on information, as opposed to the use of books and videos.

Responses to the representations are available through interviews and questionnaires on the people who use the different types of media to access information. Personal experiences can also be a source of response to the representations. Mingling with people and watching their lifestyles gives a clue on the type of media they regularly use, enjoy, and understand better.

These responses help to determine the most efficient way of transmitting information and helping the receivers to interpret the message correctly. The best way of communicating is the usage of both audio and visual media materials. There should also be a platform for providing feedback. The responses imply that some media are monotonous which distorts the understanding of the message.


In conclusion, modern-day criminal monsters have been propagated by different people in different parts of the world with the desire to take control. These monsters pose a threat to the existence of the future race and the peaceful coexistence of families. Scientific advancement and discoveries have helped these monsters in their activities. They have led to massive deaths and the destruction of property.

This has been mentioned in religious books as a sign of God's wrath and the end of times. These monsters are represented in the media such as movies, books, and the internet. These kinds of media have been used because they are easily available all over the country and can be accessed by many people. The changes in the use of these media are caused by advancements in technology.

In ancient times, videos and the internet were not available and could not be used to spread information about these monsters. Books were used to record the chronology of events and passed to the next generation. Books were not efficient, as they could not reach most people in the world.

The language barrier also slowed down the transfer of information. After the discovery of videos, the written information was acted and recorded in videos. These were efficient as they could reach many people and they had translations, which solved the language barrier. The internet was the latest and most efficient advancement that ensured the fast transfer of information to people within a short time.

These media can store information for a long time and it is always accessible. This has led to the birth of other criminal monsters who believe in war and the shedding of blood. Religious misjudgments and conflicts have also led to the birth of new criminal monsters in the world. With the advancement in technology, these monsters are spreading all over the world and are a threat to the future of the human race.

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