The most interesting serial killer myth according to the lecture notes studied is that of David Berkowitz. He was a missionary-oriented killer who wanted to get rid of evils in the world. He believed that the neighbor’s dog was possessed of demons that ordered him to kill. According to him, he interpreted the dog’s voice to be a voice from god. Thus, he had a very strong faith that the dog’s bark was a voice from God who was ordering him to kill the selected victim to get rid of evils in the world.


The most interesting thing with this form of serial killing is that the killers are usually social with the victim and their relatives. This makes it hard to suspect them of any evil and makes apprehension difficult (McDougal, 1992). They usually elude capture and make a pause between one murder and the other, but the pattern and the reason for the killing remain the same.

Myths and Misconceptions

The reason why these myths and misconceptions persist is because of the types of believes they hold. Most of these serial killers believe that their actions are highly justified and that they are the only people on the right track. They usually believe that it is their responsibility to change society’s perception by getting rid of some elements in society. They are highly convinced that their prime targets are undesirable in society. However, these mission-oriented killers delude that society do not want a particular type of person when society is actually free with them (Douglas & Olshaker, 1997).

The mission-oriented killers are usually in their best of mind contrary to common believes that they are usually insane. Their primary driver to undertake their serial killing activities is the strong belief in their faith. The other reason is the fact that they have a strong believes that what they do is right. The serial killers are usually motivated by hallucinating voices that manifest themselves in their thinking. We may not conclude that all motives of serial killers are negative, the only genuine case of serial killing is when the social delusion about the victims is negative (Waller, 2010).

There are various typologies that attempt to explain the pattern in which such serial killers go about the business. The killers are usually directed to a general understanding of their pattern of killing. Each of the mentioned serial thrills motivated serial killer had his own.


Serial and mass killings endanger the life of many innocent people. The respective government should come up with ways to make these people pay for their crimes. This implies that people should realize that the myths connecting these people are true. The current situation should push people to realize that they can design ways to punish serial and mass killers excluding death penalties.

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